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NEXT RELEASES: Border Box #4, F&E-Strategic Operations, Captain's Log #34; NEXT YEAR: Prime Directive D6, GURPS Federation, Federation D20, Prime Directive Heroes.

JUST RELEASED: (click on links to buy now) Federation Commander: Romulan Attack, Boosters 10-11-12, Squadron Boxes 10-11-12.

NEW STARLINE 2400: (click on links to buy now) Federation CS, CC, CVS, CVF; Auxiliaries, Ore Carrier; Orion OK6, DW; WYN Shark.

RECENT RELEASES: (click on links to buy now)   Federation Commander: Romulan Border, Captain's Log #33,  Federation Commander: Border Box #2, SFB Module C5: The Magellanic Cloud, Federation Commander: Booster Pack Zero, Federation Commander: Klingon Attack,, Federation Commander Boosters 4-5-6, Federation Commander Squadron Boxes 4-5-6

EARLIER RELEASES: Federation Commander: Border Box 1, Federation Commander: Boosters 1-2-3, Federation Commander Squadron Boxes 1-2-3, Captain's Log #32, Federation Commander: Klingon Border, Deluxe Space Battle Maps, Blank 1" Die-Cut Counters, Blank 1/2" Die Cut Counters, Megahex Module H1.


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What Is The Star Fleet Universe?

The Star Fleet Universe is a series of interlocking games, making use of the background of the Star Trek television series of late 1960s, certain other Star Trek background information, and a vast array of entirely new material developed exclusively for the games. Trekkers will note that the Star Fleet Universe diverges from true Star Trek just before the movies (and the subsequent new series), because the Star Fleet Universe was born and expanded during the dark years when no new material was released. Our Klingons have no brow ridges, we have no Cardassians, but the Lyrans and Hydrans and WYNs and Interstellar Concordium and others will keep you quite busy.

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Please: All email to sales MUST include your real name as we have too many customers to match up nicknames to credit cards.    (offer us a deal! We just might take it! Note: this is for "business deals"; we do not accept offers to buy our products at less than posted prices)

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