FOR RELEASE ON 1 APRIL 2014 Amarillo Design Bureau Inc. announced today that new editions of all of its games would be released at Origins in June of 2014. These new editions are called the "Century Editions" of those products, e.g., the SFB Century Edition replaces the SFB Doomsday Edition. These new editions will cover SFB, F&E, FedComm, Starmada, Star Fleet Marines and ACTASF. The term "century" refers to the change of every game system to use 100-sided dice. Stephen V. Cole, Chief of Design, explained it this way: "The biggest issue in our games has been granularity. With a single d6 die, any die roll shift relfected a 16.67% change in the outcome. That's like drawing the Mona Lisa at 6 pixels per inch. You get a jagged mess. Changing to 100-sided percentile dice means we can have bonus and penalty factors in increments of 1%. For example, a single EW shift in STAR FLEET BATTLES doesn't have to be 16.67% but can be 11% or 8% of 19%. We can have different penalties for different sources. The special sensors on a frigate might generate a 7% jamming penalty while those on a survey cruiser might generate 18%. This will also allow us to add dozens of additional penalties and bonuses to every game system, things we haven't been able to do before because of the granularity issue.

"The game that will benefit the most is Star Fleet Marines. Now, instead of a +2 for being in a 'town hex' we can have a 5% bonus for being in wood-framed buildings, 9% for brick buildings, 11% for stone, and 14% for reinforced concrete. Instead of a 16.67% bonus for being a commando unit, we can have different bonus ratings for every kind of unit. Units will be able to accumulate bonuses as they gain combat experience inside a single scenario and suffer combat penalties as casualties accumulate. A new 11x17 laminated play aid card will allow you to track individual soldiers within each squad, scoring them for upper body wounds that produce weapons penalties, lower body wounds that create movement penalties, and major wounds or fatalities which eliminate that Marine from the squad. As a benefit, you would be able to stack four squads in a hex without the overcrowding penalty as long as the total number of Marines did not exceed 16."

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