There are many kinds of material for SFB, and we look forward to new submissions as the source of many bold new ideas, not to mention some hand-wringing when a good idea just isn't presented as effectively as it could be. Here is some advice.


  1. Accept that the people at ADB, Inc. are overworked and have a million things to do. Your submission will almost certainly not get a full evaluation on the day it arrives. We try to get back to people who send submissions within a month, and don't always manage that. Some submissions are so simple and obvious that we can get you an answer right away, but those are usually "no thanks" type answers.
  2. Do not send Email attachments without asking first if we want the document. (Huge Email attachments slow down the system, take up space on the web site, and more often than not arrive in a format we cannot read.) Always send a brief summary first. If we're really not interested in a series of scenarios inspired by the poetry of Khalil Gibran, we can all save ourselves some time. If possible, send text documents IN rather than ATTACHED to Email. This is easier for us to handle. Sometime in the future we will post a series of instructions on how to format attachments we can read and work with, but we simply haven't had time.
  3. If you do an SSD, the most important thing is for the boxes to line up and for there to be no big empty spots inside the hull outline. While more details on this will have to await a future issue when we can devote the entire Input Guide to that subject, we can tell you that all of our SSDs are done by computer "on the grid". Just about any computer graphics program will have a grid; most can customize this to any size. We use a two-point line with boxes 16-points (on centers) square. (The actual outside dimension of a separate box is 18 points since the outer half of each line adds to the "center-to-center" dimension.) All of your boxes should either line up on each other, or be offset by half of a box. We get SSDs all the time that have huge hull outlines with some boxes scattered willy-nilly around inside of them, none of them lining up and plenty of room to stick in a few more.


    In SFB, one of the greatest achievements is also (if you work the system the right way) the easiest, getting a term paper published with one of your own tactics. Players like Kaufman and Mizia have become game room words to many SFB players. To improve your chances of getting published, however, here is some advice.


    We cannot emphasize enough that when you send a playtest report on a new rule, or even spot a place in a published rule where errata is needed, we need it in the line item format:

  1. Rule number first, and please get the right one.
  2. What the problem is, and why you think it is a problem.
  3. Your proposed fix, and why you think it is the best one. You might also mention other fixes and why they're not as good.
  4. Your name, plus your Email address, plus the date. That way we can get back to you if we need more info, and we can tell which of two similar items you sent is the most recent. When you send a second report on a batch of rules, DO NOT resend the previous reports unless you have revised them with other information that needs to be considered.
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Updated 16 November 2004