Just a few notes this time.

    When you have a series, do not omit the comma before the "and". This is something that has shown up recently in "modern" style books, and it's really not a good idea. It leads to that famous quote: "I would like to thank my parents, God and L Ron Hubbard".

    Avoid using the term "standard" as a single noun. Nobody knows if you mean a type-I drone, a non-overloaded heavy weapon, or a phaser-I.

    If submitting material for GURPS Prime Directive, tell us if you are getting it from another GURPS book, and if so, be sure to copy it precisely. If rewriting is necessary for the venue, then still tell us the exact location of the original text. And don't forget that GURPS is never spelled Gurps. Module Prime (a series of supplements for GPD) is designed to maximize the number of opportunities for writers to get their work published. We hope to have writer's guides for GPD on the web site by the end of July. And Steve Cole says he is looking for ideas, suggestions, articles, and requests for use in GURPS Klingons.

    We really want tactics articles, one-four pages in length, regarding the races in Omega and in the Simulators. Of course, it's a moving target and a superb article on Hiver tactics by Henry Meyer became obsolete with the publication of the Mental Node in Omega Rebellion. We hope Henry can update it in time for a future issue. If you have any other ideas for tactics articles, perhaps ones that do not fit this pattern, then send them to us anyway and we'll give them a look.

1. Can I get your permission to create a new race for SFB and post it on my web site?

So long as you do this under the web policy we have on our web site, you may go right ahead. Do read that policy carefully and ask questions if you do not understand something. Note that you cannot publish your race as a hard copy product and sell it (or even give it away). Under our web policy, putting it on your web site signs it over to ADB Inc., but if we decide to publish it, you do get royalties.

2. Can I have your permission to use SFB to design ships for Next Generation or Voyager or Enterprise?

If you are doing this for your own personal amusement and never sell or even give away copies, and never post it on internet, it is our understanding that you don't need anyone's permission. (Consult a lawyer, which we aren't.) You could post material of your creation for use with SFB on your web site only if it complies with our web policy, which does not allow you to violate anyone else's copyrights. We all know that there are lots of "unauthorized" SSDs out there and haven't heard of anyone going to jail over posting them, but you are violating several copyrights if you do this. Which brings up a key point. If dozens of other people have ripped off TNG and SFB, why do it again? Why not spend your energy doing something NEW of your own creation? It's not our job to enforce Paramount's copyrights, but by the same token, it's not our place to give permission to use their stuff.

3. Isn't it unfair that submissions become your property but we don't know if they will ever be used? And we have no control over them if you do!

We don't see it that way. Due to copyrights and the rules on "derivative works", nobody but ADB, Inc. can publish it without the permission of ADB, Inc. We pay authors of published materials, so it's not like we benefit from your work without paying you. You can always put it on a web site under our web policy (which requires ownership to be transferred to us so that it cannot be made part of an illegal paper product later).

As for control, that has to rest with the owners and publishers of the game system (i.e., with ADB, Inc.). Do you really want to play a game system where anyone who designs a new ship can decide on its weapons, power, and BPV and force everyone else to use it? How about a Klingon C17 super battlecruiser with 36 warp, move cost 1, nine disruptors, and BPV 160? We respect the creativity of authors and designers as much as possible, and change things only when necessary to make it fit in with the game system, background, and history.

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Updated 19 November 2004