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Setting Up A Game

ADB, Inc. offers the use of their Discussion Board for setting up PBEM games. You must register with the Board in order to post messages.

Registration is QUICK! You enter your information, and it e-mails you a password immediately. The Pick-Up Games Pairings and Looking for a moderator areas are in the Play-by-Email topic.

BBS Forum Guidelines

  1. Player One posts a challenge.
  2. Player Two responds to chalenge.
  3. They negotiate the finer points.
  4. They post asking for a moderator.
  5. The Moderator signs on. One of the three should be the Webmaster, or they post asking for a Webmaster.
  6. Once all particulars are set, the Moderator should Request A Game Number to register the game.
  7. The PBEM Coordinator will send the game number and any additional information to all involved parties named above.
  8. The webmaster of the game sends the PBEM Coordinator an e-mail with the URL for the game as soon as it is available and a link is added to the Active Games or Special Events page.

PBEM Games Contact

If there are any questions or issues that arise during a game, or if you know that a listed game is over for any reason, please contact the PBEM Coordinator.

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