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Mapmaker is designed to produce a map that looks like a face-to-face SFB match. Small amounts of counters in the same hex are spread so players can see something of the ship silhouette. Large amounts of counters are organized as a "stack".

Mapmaker has counters for most alpha sector SFB races as well as "Blue" and "Green" races for multi-race pickup games. Counters can be added to mapmaker very easily. If you need counters please contact me (John Trauger) so I can make them or tell you how. If you make new counters for mapmaker, please send them to me so I can add them to my master copy of mapmaker.

Most SFB games only have two races in a scenario, but mapmaker should be able to handle any number.

When the mouse is positioned over a counter, group or stack, mapmaker will display a small window showing the ship's current speed, electornic warfare and any other important notes. The display colors of this window, called an "info box" can be set individually for each race in the game. Neutral objects use gray. Mapmaker first made use of IE's "tooltip" feature to display this information. The tooltip display was retained when the custom window was added. You can turn info boxes and/or tooltips off.

You can set mapmaker up so that clicking on a counter it will display a SSD in a separate window if you have given it a SSD to find. Theoretically you can do this for any unit but ships are most common.


Download Mapmaker

Sample Image


Note that the file is 2.54MB, so it may take a few minutes (depending on your internet connection speed).

Once you have downloaded the file, un-zip it, and follow the installation instructions found in the readme.txt file. If you have any questions, you can contact John Trauger (see above).

NOTE: You will need to have Python installed on your machine in order to use this program. If you do have have Python, you can get it (for free) from Follow the installation instructions given on that site.

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