To receive rewards for conducting demonstrations, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Be a registered Star Fleet Ranger in good standing. To register, fill out the form and send it to ADB Inc. To remain in good standing, you need to file reports (and preferably have some pictures so that we can post them so others see people having fun at the demos) that show (truthfully) that you have had several potential new players participate in each demo. See "The Art of the Demo" for ideas on ensuring a good turnout. Note that a "bad conduct report" from a store manager can go a long way toward losing "good standing". Whether its your fault or not, if nobody shows up at your demos, you don't need to continue trying to run them.

  2. Register the event at least two weeks in advance and have it approved by ADB Inc. Generally speaking, there cannot be more than one demo in a given store (or other venue) each month without special permission. You will need special permission to run demos more than twice a month as we want everyone to have a chance. Except in special cases, one Ranger runs (and gets credit for) each demo. If you and several other people from your group attend, only one of you gets the rewards. Two of you cannot run demos at the same venue in the same month.

  3. Publicize your demo to encourage a good turnout. (Report what steps you took in the event report form. Getting a good turnout is not a matter of luck; it is a matter of the hard word done by the Ranger.)

  4. Arrive on time, set up, and be available to run demos for at least two and preferably three hours. Try to arrange to have someone else there who can participate in the demo (as a recruit) so that the game is constantly being played during this period of time. It is acceptable to demo two different games during a three-hour session, and this often brings out a larger crowd.

  5. Complete the required report form and send it to ADB, Inc. We may contact the location's contact person to get an opinion on the demo.

ranger medal

Reward schedule is as follows:

A successful demo will be reported in Captain's Log with your name as the Ranger in charge. In addition, you will receive five Star Fleet Bucks to apply toward purchases of new products. (these can only be used up to half of the purchase price of the items; joint venture products are excluded). Bonus bucks may be added in cases of exemplary performance. Note: ADB, Inc. has to approve your report and will notify you of the award; do not try to use them before they have been awarded.

Your first successful demo earns you a promotion from Ranger Recruit to Ranger Warrant. You will get a combat action bar after your first demo, and every demo from then on will add a star to that bar.

star fleet ranger warrant

Once you have run five to nine successful demos in at least two locations, you will earn a promotion to Veteran Ranger.

star fleet ranger veteran

Run at least 10-24 demos in at three locations, showing three different games earns you a promotion to Senior Ranger. You will also earn a Star Fleet Commendation for the year.

star fleet ranger senior

Run at least 25 or more demos in at least four locations, showing four different games earns you a promotion to Master Ranger. You will also earn a Star Fleet Bronze medal for the year.

star fleet ranger master

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