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ATTENTION RETAILER: This document was downloaded from our website and handed to you by one of your loyal customers who would rather buy our products from you than by mail. Can you thank him for his efforts by taking a moment to read it?

STAR FLEET BATTLES, the best-selling space combat game of all time, returned to stores with a new publisher (ADB, Inc., the original designer) and new products in 1999. We have reprinted all of the out-of-product products (other than a few never intended to be a permanent part of the product line) and dozens of new ones, including the new fast-playing FEDERATION COMMANDER game system.

You can obtain our products from the top wholesalers in the industry, including:

ACD-Wisconsin (608-273-8387)
ACD-California (559-276-7290)
Aladdin (MN, 612-890-8700)

Alliance East (410-602-8000)
Alliance Midwest (219-482-5490)
Alliance West (559-651-3890)
Alliance Southwest (512-834-0447)

Brown Box (TX, 806-637-2010)
Premier Hobby Distribution
Warpath Games-California



Lion Rampant (905-572-6446) Mindsport (403-241-9225)


Brave New World
(Germany, 0221-2704-771)
(England, 014-20-593-500) Oy
(Finland, 358-9-622 5560

Many retailers are unaware that Star Fleet Battles is an integrated game system. Unlike some game systems where the core rulebook and any couple of modules are playable on their own, most SFB products require other products to be used. If you have Module K but not module C2, your customer will not be able to use a quarter of K as he lacks the rules from C2. This is actually a good point as a customer who picks up the game system will, over the next year or two, be back to buy $400+ worth of our stuff from you. Special order service doesn't make it for SFB players; if they want a product you don't stock, they won't wait but will buy it from a web site (unless you offer them another module that they don't have yet). We admit that the entire product line is a bewildering array of stuff, and stocking it all is a major commitment (worth it, but still tough to do). One plausible marketing plan is as follows:

Essential core products, stock one or two copies at all times: 
Basic Set, Advanced Missions, Cadet Training Handbook, Module C1 New Worlds I, Module C2 New Worlds II, and the latest copy of Captain's Log.

Key products: 
Stock at least two or three of these and when one sells, get the next one in order and continually work your way through the list, then start over. That way, customers who picked up Basic Set can slowly buy their way through this list: Module C3 New Worlds III, Module J Fighters, Module K Fast Patrol Ships, Tactics Manual, Module T Tournament Battles, Module Omega 1, and one or two recent issues of Captain's Log. 

Third Order products:
Basically, take the rest of the product line, put it in a list, get two or three of them from your wholesaler, and whenever one of those sells, replace it with the next item in the Third Order list. These products include Modules C4, M, P6, X1, Y1, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, Omega 2, and Omega 3. (Stock S1 and S2 only if someone orders them.)

Federation Commander product line:
Click here to find out why this product line is great for your store.

We are Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc., the new publisher. You can telephone us at 806-351-1950, fax us at 806-351-2585, email us at, or mail us at PO Box 8759, Amarillo, TX 79114. We can sell direct if no wholesaler can serve you. (Updated 6 Dec 2000.)

Help for Retailers (Adobe Acrobat Required)

RETAILER TERMS (Revised 15 April 2001)
Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. PO Box 8759, Amarillo TX 79114
806-351-1950 Fax: 806-351-2585 Email:

ADB Inc. strongly prefers that retailers obtain its products through the wholesalers. (If you are having a problem getting products or service out of a wholesaler, we will be happy to recommend another wholesaler or to help you resolve your problems with the wholesaler you are working with.) There are various reasons why a given retailer might want to obtain products directly, and in such cases we will provide these products on the following terms.

  1. These terms apply only to bona fide retailers with brick-and-mortar stores. We will need a copy of your sales tax permit or yellow pages ad to confirm your status. We reserve the right to refuse to sell to any retailer for any reason or no reason.
  2. All orders must be prepaid, either by company check or credit card. Checks must be in US funds on a US bank We do not provide payment terms, nor can we ship by COD. An invoice will be included with the shipment. All merchandise is non-returnable; you can exchange defective items as per our normal procedures.
  3. Basic discount rate is 46%. If you pay by check, we pay the freight to any destination within the continental 48 states of the US. We reserve the right to wait for the check to clear. If you pay by credit card, the actual freight cost will be added to the charge. (Unlike your store, we do so little credit card business that the fees charged by our bank are fairly high.) We must have accurate credit card info (the precise name on the card and billing address, which must match your bank's records or the credit card system won't process the sale).
    Note 1: The "Fire Sale Discounts" do not apply. (Those products retail at $5 each. Mail order consumers can obtain various discounts for buying larger numbers of these items. Unfortunately, we cannot provide this discount to stores in addition to the 46% discount.)
    Note 2: Spare parts are available through this system for the stated discounts.
  4. Minimum order is $50 net.
  5. Available products: Anything in our catalog or on our shopping cart. Note that some products are NOT packaged for normal retail sales, but we can put these in mini-clamshells for you. Feel free to talk to Leanna ( if you are not sure how something is packaged.

    Note that some products are not available on a discount basis, but can be purchased for the full retail price. We apologize for this, but these are special items offered as a courtesy to players and our cost on these averages 80%+ of the retail price. These include the Kit Bash Packs and the Large Scale Maps.

  6. All orders are shipped UPS.



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