Star Fleet Battles Errata: (E1.11) to (E16.5)

(E1.11) "...during the Direct-Fire WEAPONS SEGMENT of the..."

(E1.17) A player always has the option of simply firing his weapons into open space. Doing so imposes the delays of (E1.50). Note that heavy weapons may be discharged under (E1.24).

(E1.24) Reference to (D7.412) should be to (E7.412).

(E1.24) The amount of energy discharged from each weapon is known unless defined otherwise, e.g., (R1.7).

(E1.6) Narrow salvoes might be used effectively at long range when the enemy is known to have a few points of reinforcement, as any damage which does not penetrate the reinforcement is meaningless.

(E1.61) Plasma bolts of various sizes can be in a single narrow salvo.

(E1.613) Disruptors of different ranges can also 'happen' on Klingon battle tugs. Should have read "DERFACS OR UIM support", not AND.

(E2.23) Reference (E2.41) should be (E2.151).

(E2.33) "...(perhaps after detected...)" should be "...(perhaps after detectING...)"

(E3.22) "...of the Impulse Procedure." The word "the" is missing. (E3.62) DERFACS is automatically repaired (at no cost) between scenarios.

(E4.411) Discharge is defined in (E1.24).

(E4.44) The reference to (E4.41) should be to (E4.413).

(E5.33) The mine will "trigger" and explode OR if a captor will fire/launch on the next direct-fire or seeking weapons launch phase as appropriate.

(E5.42) There is an 8-impulse delay between firings when switching modes between turns, similar to that for the G-rack.

(E5.53) BATS has ADD-30 (R1.2); BS has ADD-12.

(E5.62) Legendary weapons officer SUBTRACTS 1 from the die roll.

(E5.74) Typo: "...even if some of the original rounds in the ADD were FILLED [not 'filed'] with type-VI drones.]

(E6.33) Replace "weapons" with "units."

(E6.99) Synopsis of Future Products (at the end of section E). Add the Web Fist (E14.0) in Module C2 to this list.

(E7.42) Players must use the data on the chart and SSDs rather than doubling the results themselves.

(E7.421) Damage to phasers is not restricted by (D4.321).

(E7.5) There is no cost for this "refit."

(E8.5) The reference to (E1.57) should be to (D1.57).

(E9.211) A TRH must be loaded as 3 + 3, it cannot be loaded 2 + 4, or 4 + 2.

(E9.2134) There is no delay caused by the application of reserve power to upgrade a TRL loading to TRH. Even if the point of reserve power was applied on Impulse #32 of a given turn, the weapon could complete loading during the subsequent Energy Allocation Phase and be fired on Impulse #1 as a TRH. Note that if the weapon begins arming with reserve power, the quarter turn delay (H7.532) applies.

(E9.422) If a TR is used as a source for negative tractor energy, all of the energy in that tractor-repulsor is used as negative tractor at that point. The weapon can begin recharging normally on the following turn, and can be used on that turn as a normal tractor with no delay since negative tractor does not require the use of a tractor beam (G7.354).

(E9.43) Reference to (E9.21) should have been to (E9.23).

(E10.22) The procedure of extending the arming of a hellbore can be continued indefinitely, and is not limited to a single turn.

(E10.33) If fired in the same hex as a target with a zero-radius ESG, a non-overloaded hellbore will produce no damage to the ESG (it will be treated as a discharged weapon).

(E10.412) The second paragraph and third paragraphs are indented an extra 5 spaces, and they should not have been. The example should have 10 points of internal damage, not 9.

(E10.64) Hellbore feedback operates normally if an ESG field is struck by the hellbore at a range of 0.

(E10.714) ...and if the ESG is dropped, any remaining direct-fire hellbore damage is applied directly to the facing shield of the ESG generating ship.

(E10.73) Should refer to "each DIRECT-FIRE overloaded hellbore".

(E11.17) Each flotilla of six (not less) PFs or INTs, whether casual or formal, counts as one "ship" for this equation. Fighters do not count at all.

(E11.25) It is not possible to produce a PPD with one pulse. (E11.362) See (E11.546) for an exception when PPD pulses cannot be cancelled.

(E11.57) Reference to (E11.343) should be (E11.353).

(E12.231) Cast web can be extended into a circular anchored web, but it must have legal anchors for this to be possible. Cast web cannot be extended to become a self-supporting globular web.

(E12.233) A non-Tholian unit in a web hex when it forms (whether as cast anchored web, or free-standing web that has solidified) is subject to all the restrictions and procedures of (G10.59) when it is next scheduled to move.

(E12.24) If anchored web is cast into the hex of a unit, it suffers the effects of (G10.59) on its next scheduled movement.

(E12.25) It would be possible to include both 3406 and 3605 in a valid straight web, but not one with the end points given in this example.

(E12.55) The strength of a cast web is announced when it is cast.

(E12.562) A SWAC or MRS not currently committed to lending to its ship or squadron could defend against the cast web.

(E13.25) Should read "the other points" as there could be five or less.

(E13.25) Typo: "...the other four points..." should be "...the other points..." as it might have fewer points.

(E14.254) Delete: "This is an exception to (E14.212)." No one knows what that means.

(E16.5) This rule also applies in the case of a shield cracker fired at a shield that was already down or dropped.

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