Star Fleet Battles Errata: (R11.0)

(R11.PF1L) PFL: #4 shield should be 12 boxes.

(R11.PF2) SSD for "flotilla with Fi-Cons" is marked "current version" which was a playtesting label to differentiate this from a proposed version that was rejected. This SSD should reference both PF1 and PF2.

(R11.R5) The cost is 9 points per pack (18 for the BC).

(R11.R6) Hasty repairs could create an exception to last sentence.

(R11.02) SSD: Repair can be hit on Excess Damage.

(R11.03) SSD: Repair can be hit on Excess Damage.

(R11.11) The plus refit was NOT standard, although most of these ships had it eventually.

(R11.11A) The FFE in Y181 was actually an FFA.

(R11.12) CV: The Red Claw Glory received the P-refit before the plus refit to provide additional drone defense. The Enemy's Blood Fury received the shield refit before the phaser refit to aid it in resisting Hydran hellbores.

(R11.13) CW: Mech links added to some ships from Y179.

(R11.14) DW: Mech links added to some ships from Y179.

(R11.15) This SSD is in Module C1, not Module R3.

(R11.16) TGC: Phaser refit improves two ph-3 to ph-2, not ph-1. The SSD is correct.

(R11.18) There is no SSD of a tug with this pod in Module R3.

(R11.20) PAL-TT: The LS/RS phasers on the troop pallet are not blocked or reduced by a cargo pod carried forward.

(R11.27) The "prototype" CWS was in fact an LDR unit; see (R14.7). (R11.29) SCS: Y179-180, carried Z-Ys.

(R11.47) The BPV of the Cave Lion is reduced by six points if the mech links are deleted, not increased by six points if they are added. The SSD is in error.

(R11.48) CVA: SSD needs double drone control note.

(R11.52) NCA: One UIM is a refit; rule is wrong, SSD is right.

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