The history of the Star Fleet Universe includes many things that are terrifying, horrifying, or just plain scary. Not among the least of these are a number of ships found in the files of Star Fleet Intelligence and the Galactic Intelligence Agency. Indeed, we found so many scary ships in the file that it was impossible to pick between them, and we were forced to use two issues (SFT40 and SFT41) to cover them all.

(R3.J5) KLINGON D77 BULLET CRUISER: Legend has it that the Klingon Galactic Bureau actually managed to convince the Federation’s Galactic Intelligence Agency that this ship existed. As the SSD shows, this variant of the D7 has an extra pair of engines mounted on wings extending up from the main hull. This provided more firepower (four extra disruptors) not to mention more raw power for movement, reinforcing shields, electronic warfare, etc. (this ship can move speed 31 while normally arming and firing all weapons, or 24 overloading). Presumably the boom would have required some revisions to clear the firing arcs for the upper disruptors, and note the change to the arcs for the waist phasers.

Other data: Same as D7 except Year in Service Y174, Docking Points 9, Explosion Strength 31, Notes CJ.
Design by Stephen V. Cole.

Fed and Emp Data: Does not exist and cannot be built.

(R11.J10) LYRAN STONE JAGUAR (SNJ): The Lyran Empire considered this design as a means of attacking slow moving or stationary targets. The concept involved the ship moving at maximum possible speed with maximum ECM generated and lent from a scout following close behind. As they approached the target, the scout would begin loaning the target O-EW. The radius of the five ESG fields would be based on the target’s estimated ability to generate a tractor link in an effort to hold the SNJ at bay.

Ultimately the design was found too specialized and too likely to be blasted apart by defending forces on its approach to any reasonably defended target. The Lyrans felt that the Hydrans would simply degrade the ESGs with hellbore fire, and the Kzintis simply swamp them with a drone wave, in both cases then destroying the ship at near point blank range with phaser-4s.

There is, however, an indication that one ship of this type was built and operated by the Far Stars Duchy to destroy Orion bases. There are no records of any use of the ship even in that role, most such bases being destroyed by other units before the SNJ could arrive.

Other Data: Spare Shuttles 1, Year in Service Y175, Notes CJ, other data same as CW.
Design by Jim Davies.

Fed and Emp Data: (10) 3-7/4. One can be built each year from Y175 replacing a CW build. Ship can use the 10 rating as directed damage against bases, FRDs, and convoys, but not PDUs or planets, only if the Battle Intensity Rating is six or higher. The defender has the option to use directed damage to destroy this ship before the attacker can apply directed damage, and if the ship is destroyed (not crippled), its entire attack is deleted except for the effect of the defender’s directed damage attack.

(R12.J2) WYN AUXILIARY HEAVY MAULER (AxHM): This ship may be one of the great myths of the WYN Cluster. The story goes that after the ISC and Andromedan incursions of Y187 the Post-Usurper government built this ship to block any further intrusions. Generally it is believed that the ship was never built (given the troubles of the AxDN/AxBCS Nancy), but the Cluster remains very tight-lipped and at best "neither confirms or denies" the existence of this ship.

The design used type-C drone racks instead of the more familiar type-Bs because it was intended to get close, stay close, and destroy its target. Only large battery banks were used as the ship was intended to kill large warships before they could recover from the effects of passage through the radiation zone.

Analysts believed the ship would suffer from all the mechanical problems of the Nancy (R12.16), and might be a final conversion of that ship after it failed as an AxBCS.

Other Data: Spare Shuttles none, Year in Service Y190, Docking Points 27, Explosion Strength 52, Notes N2, ML, +.

Fed and Emp Data: The WYN Cluster is not used in Fed and Emp as of this date and there is no data on its ships.

(R14.J1) LDR SINGLE-TOOTH JAGUAR MAULER (STJ): The Lyrans and Klingons never transferred mauler technology to the LDR, but if you consider the concept of a Lyran mauler overrunning you with ESGs, imagine how much worse it would be if the ship also had four phaser-Gs.

Other Data: Same as Lyran STJ except: Notes CJ.

Fed and Emp Data: (+) 8-7/4. Cannot be built or converted from an LDR CW, but can be converted from a STJ provided by the Lyran Empire for one EP. If the Lyrans provide a STJ for conversion, it cannot be returned to the Lyrans or given to any other empire but can only be used by the LDR. Only one can be in service at any time and it counts against the total allowable number of CWs in the Production Notes. Use of this ship is not an exception to the Production Note prohibiting the LDR from building maulers as the STJ must be provided by the Lyrans.

(R16.J1) JINDARIAN HEAVY AVALANCHE CRUISER (HAC): Due to a misinterpreted report from a Federation police ship that came under attack by a Jindarian Heavy Strike Cruiser, Federation intelligence came to believe that at least some of the Heavy Strike Cruisers had all four of their medium railguns firing forward. The phantom class became known as the Avalanche Cruisers, and further reports of various battles seemed to confirm that such ships existed. The Jindarians, however, are adamant in their denials that any strike cruiser ever had all of its firepower concentrated in one direction.

Other Data: Year in Service Y1, other data same as HCS.

Fed and Emp Data is not available. The Jindarians are not included in Fed and Emp as of this time.


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