June 30 - July 3, 2005, Columbus, Ohio

JUNE 29th: It's Sing-along Time!!

Ken Burnside announces the new Captain's Tournament format.  Each player will play an equal number of games in the two new TCCs. One Fed & one Klingon.  Luckily, this was just the traditional Origins leg pulling. Nick Blank checks out Captains' Log 31.



Petrick tries to catch a few winks prior to Thursday's morning rush & the start of the tournaments. Mike Curtis displays the Large Strategic Map to the crowd & offers thanks to Steve Cole & Chuck Strong from the F&E community for their work on making the map come into being.
The new release miniatures: (Front, L-R) Mobile Base, Kzinti BCH, Fed DNG, DNH and DNL. In the Right rear is the new Neo-Tholian NCA. Aaron Staley's Romulan Warbirds & other items.

Thursday, June 30th: Opening Day...

The General War continues on.... Coalition members discuss tactics.



New players to SFB participate in Paul Franz's Demo program. (L to R): Lee Larsen battles Allen Phelps in a Captains' Tournament match
SVC consults the on-site program...  

Saturday, July 2nd: Winding down...

The ADB Booth in the Origins dealer room. (L to R): Ken Lin and James Mayes
Right: Admiral Growler (Mike Filsinger) answers a rules question. Center: Aaron Staley introduces new SFB players to miniatures during one of many demos offered all weekend.


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Updated 2 July 2005