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Own a piece of history! First published in 1977, the Star Fleet Battle Manual (by Lou Zocchi and Michael Scott Kurtick) was one of the first (if not the first) widely published Star Trek games. (Lou Zocchi created it in order to sell the plastic miniatures of the Franz Joseph ships he had bought a license to produce.) Fans of the TV show could, for the first time, actually experience the drama, excitement, and danger of combat between the Federation and Klingon Empire. (The game also includes one Tholian ship and one Romulan ship.) This is the 1993 edition, which was updated and expanded, and includes both tabletop and hex-based systems. Everything on television is here: phasers, photons, disruptors, plasma torpedoes, cloaking devices, and webs.

While this game is not (as some have theorized) a prototype for Star Fleet Battles, it did make the publication of SFB possible (because Lou Zocchi generously introduced us to the people who gave us our first license).

This is a very different game than SFB or FC or Starmada or A Call to Arms, with totally different rules and concepts. Even so, it's a worthy game in its own right, and a true historical treasure for Star Fleet Universe players.

The 1981 winner of Englands Game Day Award: First prize for Best Table-Top Rules for Any Period, and a 1983 H. G. Wells Award nominee, Star Fleet Battle Manuel simulates ship-to-ship combat in outer space, and comes with counters and mapsheet fot boardgaming as well as 8 four-inch top-view starsihp counters for table-top battles. Each player captains a starship in combat between Federation forces and their major enemies. The Rules cover such details as cloaking devices, photon torpedoes, plasma beams and webbing devices, as well as boarding parties, crystal burnouts, phasers and diusruptor fire, fleet sized battles and formulaes for converting Star Fleet Battle Manuel's companion game Alien Space into boardgame format.

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Alien Space

Another game from Lou Zocchi, this 1973 classic uses (more or less) the same game system as his Star Fleet Battle Manual. (In fact, the first edition of the Star Fleet Battle Manual was a four-page supplement to Alien Space!) Including alien empires that sprang from his own creativity, these exotic starships carry such weapons as the Blazer, Nytron Lance, Tentical Beam, Magma Beam, Proton Torpedo, Javelin Torpedo, and the infamous Gapper Zapper! The game was intended for play with miniatures, and needed only eight pages of rules, eight ship damage charts, and a couple of pages of weapons templates. This 1979 reprint also includes a true gem of history: a dozen catalog pages of long-forgotten games once available from small publishers (including the first games from Task Force!).

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