Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc., is a Texas-based game publisher and creator of the Star Fleet Universe, a collection of different game systems that all use a common background. The Star Fleet Universe is based loosely on The Original Series of Star Trek, and is published under a contract with Paramount. ADB was founded in 1982 when it split away from Task Force Games, and was incorporated in 1999. From 1982 through 1996, its Star Fleet Universe designs were published by Task Force Games; since 1999, ADB, Inc., has published its own products.

ADB, Inc., has an extensive website supporting its products at including hundreds of downloads, two bulletin boards, and many other features.

The corporation is owned by three partners (Stephen V. Cole, Steven P. Petrick, and Leanna M. Cole). Based in Amarillo Texas (hence the company name), it employs the three partners and a staff of three (Mike Sparks, who runs the warehouse and customer service; Simone Pike, who handles graphics and the website; and Jean Sexton, who runs the RPG line, handles marketing and social media, and proofreads all products). You can contact us with questions by visiting our contact page.


Some SFB staffers at the convention in Denver in February 2006. From left to right:
Scott Moellmer, Commander of Battle Laboratory #1.
Gary Plana, Prime Directive Chief of Staff.
An unknown Red Shirt who did not survive the trip.
F&E Department Head Chuck Strong
ADB Vice President Steven P Petrick


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Star Fleet Battles
Star Fleet Battles is the flagship of the Star Fleet Universe. It is a game of ship-vs-ship combat in the 23rd century. When playing Star Fleet Battles, YOU take command of a starship, squadron, or even  an entire fleet of the Federation, the Klingon Empire, or the Romulan Star Empire ... plus over a dozen other empires, each with their own unique style of combat, starships, weapons, technology, and culture.

Federation Commander
Federation Commander is the exciting new full-color fast-playing game of starship combat. Federation Commander is the space combat game YOU have been waiting for that includes mounted map panels, full-color laminated ship cards, full-color laminated charts, easy-entry rules, streamlined execution, and full-color playing pieces. You can begin flying a starship just minutes after opening the box.

Federation & Empire
Federation & Empire is the strategic game of the Star Fleet Universe. It is a game of empires in the 23rd century. When playing Federation & Empire, YOU take the imperial throne of the Klingon Empire, or the Romulan Star Empire, or of other empires, or even the Chairmanship of the United Federation of Planets! You have total command of your empire's economy, production, strategy, and operations.

Star Fleet Marines
Ground combat comes to the Star Fleet Universe. Your squads of Marines, combat engineers, commandos, heavy weapons, snipers, and militia fire to stun the enemy and maneuver for the close assault. Includes rules for infantry, armor, transporter artillery, sky cavalry (shuttlecraft assaults), landing by transporter, bunkers, battle positions, and civilians.

Prime Directive
We have the background you want in the game systems you already love! Explore strange new worlds with Star Fleet, attack enemy battle stations with the Klingons, slip across the border with the Romulan Privateers, collect souvenirs with the Orion Pirates. Be whatever character you want to be on whatever ship you want to fly doing pretty much whatever you want. It's a big galaxy! You can use the menu above to find out more information our different role playing products.

Star Fleet Battle Force
Star Fleet Battle Force is a fast-paced starship action card game. Compare the weapons cards in your hand to the ships in your Battle Force and launch your attack. The enemy responds with jamming, maneuvers, wild weasels, and damage control in a fierce effort to stay alive and counter-attack. The Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Gorns, Tholians, Kzintis, and Orion Pirates are in your Battle Force and ready for action.

We have, for many years, produced a series of metal scale minis that have evolved from the 2200s to the 2300s to the 2400s. Starline 2400 is 1/3788 scale.Under our joint venture with Mongoose, we have launched the new 2500 series which are larger and have more detail. In November 2013, a contract modification put this the manufacture and distribution of this product line entirely in ADB's hands. Starline 2500 is 1/3125.

A meeting of empires as a famous game system never before available in stores joins the Star Fleet Universe. Game rulebooks includes the Essential Starmada™ Rules, and complete rules to bring the Star Fleet Universe alive in the Starmada™ game system. This book is complete and ready to play, but the Starmada Admiralty Core Rulebook™ will add many more play options. Starmada is the result of a historic joint venture between ADB, Inc., and our friend Daniel Kast of Majestic Twelve Games. It provides Star Fleet Universe players with another game system, one designed to handle very large fleets, even twenty ships on each side

A Call to Arms Star Fleet
A Call to Arms: Star Fleet is a hexless, miniatures based game of fleet combat in the star Fleet Universe. From small skirmishes involving single ships or small squadrons to massive fleets between rival empires, the ACTA allows even the largest fleet battles to be fought in a single evening and the smaller skirmishes can be completed in about an hour.

Captain's Log
Captain's Log is the official journal of the Star Fleet Universe. More than a magazine, it is in one way an expansion module for each of our various product lines, and in other ways is the primary means of communication between the company and you, the gamers.

We also have on-line versions of SFB, FC, and soon F&E and SFBF, as well as a campaign system (Galactic Conquest) and a Play-by-Email system.


CONVENTIONS can obtain a box of SFB products to give away in exchange for a full-page ad in your program; see We will continue the previous "Rated Ace" program, and will now provide judges with benefits of their own; see

STELLAR SHADOWS is a line of official but non-historical SFB products. You can get information at

WEB POLICY: If you have a website using SFB items, we are happy but you need to dot a few legal i’s and cross a few t’s; see the policy document at Our policy is designed to legalize the many fan-created sites and keep them going, while adding more sites by players who were unwilling to create them without ADB permission.

ON-LINE GAMING: We have licensed with Franz Games, LLC to create an on-line gaming environment; see

ARTISTS: Many computer artists have contacted us looking for work; if you are an artist, you can contact us at Artist guidelines are located in the Input Guide.

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