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The Cadet Training Manual and Cadet Training Handbook were done as a way to get players into the complicated Star Fleet Battles game system. Generally speaking, the idea was to create "half size ships" which would in theory be easier and faster to play. (For beginners, they are, but veterans report they take the same time to play as bigger ships since the time goes into "planning and thinking" not into counting boxes).

While these products are out of print, they are available as free downloads; see the links below. Given our Print on Demand equipment, the only thing stopping us from returning this product to print is time to do it. (There are just so many ideas and only a finite amount of time).

The half-scale cadet ships live on as the Fleet Scale ships of Federation Commander. Over 100 fleet scale ships (usable as cadet SSDs) are available as free downloads in the Commander's Circle.

Introduction To Star Fleet Battles Cover

Cadet 16 Impulse Chart
Cadet Turn Chart
Cadet Base Station A V2 - SSD
Cadet Base Station B V2 - SSD
Cadet Freighter - SSD (Freighter for use with the Cadet Training Handbook)
Cadet Rulebook for SFB (Adobe Acrobat Required)
Cadet Game Playtest Rule (Adobe Acrobat Required)
Cadet Base Station - SSD
Cadet Freighters - SSD
Cadet Freighter Convoy - SSD

Cadet Small Frieghter -SSD
Cadet Small Frieghter Group -SSD
Cadet Large Frieghter -SSD
Cadet Q Ship - SSD
Cadet Q Ships - SSD
Federation Cadet_Cruiser - SSD
Federation Cadet Cruisers - SSD
Federation Cadet Heavy Cruiser - SSD
Free First Missions download for Federation Commander
Gorn Cadet Cruiser V2 - SSD
Gorn Cadet Cruisers - SSD
Gorn Cadet Heavy Cruiser v1 - SSD
Hydran Cadet Cruiser V2 - SSD
Hydran Cadet Cruisers - SSD
ISC Cadet Cruiser V2 - SSD
ISC Cadet Cruisers - SSD
Klingon Cadet Cruiser V2 - SSD
Klingon Cadet Cruisers - SSD
Klingon D6-D7 Cadet Cruiser EAF - SSD
Kzinti Cadet Cruiser V2 - SSD
Kzinti Cadet Cruisers - SSD
Kzinti Cadet Strike Cruiser - SSD
Lyran Cadet Cruiser V2 - SSD
Lyran Cadet Cruisers - SSD
Orion Cadet Cruiser V2 - SSD
Orion Cadet Cruisers - SSD
Orion Cadet Raider Cruiser - SSD
Romulan Cadet Cruiser V2 - SSD
Romulan Cadet Cruisers - SSD
Romulan Cadet KR Battlecruiser - SSD
Romulan Cadet KR Battlecruisers - SSD
Romulan Cadet Training KR Battlecruiser - SSD
Romulan Cadet War Eagle Cruiser - SSD
Tholian Cadet Cruiser - SSD
Tholian Cadet Cruisers - SSD
Tholian Cadet Cruiser V.1 - SSD

Several enterprising players have created more Cadet SSDs, some of which can be found via these links:

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