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What is A Call to Arms: Star Fleet?

Call to Arms

Our joint venture with Mongoose includes an entirely new game system using the A CALL TO ARMS system which Mongoose originally created for Babylon Five and has used since then for other projectsincludingNOBLE ARMADA. This is a system designed for massed fleets and allows huge battles to be played in a single evening. Release is expected in November of 2011.This is a miniatures-based game (no hexes, nocounters).

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet is a hexless, miniatures based game of fleet combat in the Star Fleet Universe. From small skirmishes involving single ships or small squadrons to massive fleets between rival empires, ACTASF allows even the largest fleet battles to be fought in a single evening and the smaller skirmishes can be completed in about an hour.

A Call to Arms Star Fleet is designed as a simpler and faster-playing fleet-vs.-fleet combat game. While FC can handle a nine-vs.-nine fleet battle in a long evening(SFB needs a whole day), A Call to Arms Star Fleet can resolve a 20-vs.-20 game in a moderate evening’s play. This is done by simplifying everything. There is no energy allocation; ships just move and fight. (If you take some actions that would use a lot of power in FC or SFB, it will slow your ship down (or cause some other penalty); going at high speed blocks some power-intensive actions. Your chief engineer is handling that, leaving you to fight the battle.) ACTASF uses a you-go/I-go system. Players alternate moving one ship at a time its full movement, then alternate firing the weapons of one ship at a time. (In effect, there is only one “impulse” per game turn.) Because this is the Star Fleet Universe, special(but simple) rules allow drones that don’t reach a target in one turn to remain on the map and attack on the second turn. This preserves their “influence on enemy movement” function. While ACTASF is intended for use with tabletop miniatures, you could substitute counters for the ships if you want to give the game a try.



Book One Revision Two - Deluxe EditionA Call to Arms: Star Fleet Book One Revision Two Cover

This exciting first volume of A Call to Arms: Star Fleet includes the rules to play the Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Kzintis, Gorns, Tholians, and Orion pirates using the Call to Arms combat system. This system is miniatures based (no hexes) and is very streamlined. There is no energy allocation (although some special actions will slow your ship down as your chief engineer diverts power to whatever special order you gave). Each turn consists of one movement phase and one attack phase. Ships fire one at a time (or in squadrons) and if a ship is destroyed before it gets to fire, well, too bad!

In this revised edition all of the rules have been reviewed, clarified as needed, and are in one location. All of the ships have had their stats reviewed. There has been extensive playtesting of this version. You will find that the ease of play has been retained so large battles can be handled quickly.

The deluxe version includes expanded background information for the empires, a chapter on tactics, a chapter on painting ships and creating asteroids, and far more art. Each ship roster includes an image of the ship.

This product is being done as a joint venture with Mongoose Publishing Ltd., under the strict terms of ADB, Inc.'s contract with Paramount Pictures Corporation.


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The Core Rulebook

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