Federation Admiral

This is a campaign book for the Star Fleet Universe. It began as a conversion of the outstanding VBAM (Victory By Any Means) series by Jay Waschak. To satisfy our license, ADB had to add many new sections of Star Fleet Universe material to Jay's original and quite excellent VBAM text. This was a time consuming project (as intellectual property matters often are), and every time we scheduled a block of "Steve Cole Time" for Fed Admiral we ran out of time before we got to the end of the pages. Steve then had to go back to the scheduling committee and ask for another block of time, and the next block of time not already promised for another scheduled product was often months away. But now is the time for this outstanding collaboration to reach print. The largest block of "Steve Cole Time" ever scheduled for Federation Admiral is coming just after Captains Log #51 is completed, and we expect it to be more than enough to get to a downloadable PDF available for the gaming public by early summer 2016. A hard-copy book will follow soon after.

Below are two samples from the document showing the basic form of the system and the extent of the modifications and additions to the original VBAM text.

Fed Admiral 4-56-59
Fed Admiral 17-20

Campaign Map Hex-grids

Nested Hex Grid
Ten Hex Grid Numbered
Seven Hex Grid Numbered


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