star fleet command


Starfleet Command refuses to die, or rather, the players refuse to allow it to die. The following websites (and there are many links on them to other sites) remain very active and include many useful downloads, new ships, and new scenarios: The "official" SFC site with an on-line play realm, ships, campaigns, rule modifications, discussions, and more. They are working on plans to build their own version of the never-published Starfleet Command 4. They run a database here: Started by "FireSoul", this site has many "refits" (new ships), new missions, and links to other sites. A gigantic database of new ships, discussion boards, and campaigns; they have taken SFC to places its designers never expected it to go. Hundreds of new ships, and an offer to design new ships for you. They have some cool video downloads of Star Trek: Legacy and Star Trek: Tactical Assault. They have mission scripting guides, campaign editors, and packages of missions. This site has refits for your Empires at War ships. has lots of material for SFC. This site has no end of interesting downloads for SFC.
There are other websites out there that keep this phenomenal game going strong, and if you come across one, let us know so we can list it here for others to enjoy.



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