Starline 2500

Our joint venture with Mongoose includes an entirely new range of model starships called Starline 2500. These are more detailed than the 2400s, cast in pewter, and  use a larger 1-3125 scale. There are lively discussions on our BBS about this range. As of November 2013, ADB is entirely responsibile for design, production, quality control, and distribution. ADB is the only source for these ships. The 2400s will remain in production as long as anyone buys them (meaning, for the foreseeable future and maybe forever).

Starline 2500 Index

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3D Models to Minis

Star Fleet Battle Cruiser
Star Fleet Heavy Cruiser
Kirov miniBC Fed CA mini heavy cruiser
Star Fleet Frigate
Star Fleet Battle Frigate
Klingon D6
Klingon D7
D7 View 1
Klingon F5
F5 Forward    
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