Starline Miniatures

Some of our ships are available in metal directly from ADB’s shopping cart.

Others are available as print on demand minis from our store on Shapeways.


This chart lists all of the miniatures in production in all scales and notes what games the ships are in. Over time, all of the ships represented by all of the miniatures will be in all of the games, but for now, it's a work in progress. Report any additions, changes, or corrections to Steve Cole at and help make this chart complete and easier to use.

ISC Early Years ships for the five nations (Korlivilar, Pronhoulites, Q'Naabian, Rovillians, and Veltressai) as well as ships for the Early Earth Fleet are made by Silent Death. To see which ship you should get for your fleets, check this list.

2400 Miniatures

We have, for many years, produced a series of metal scale minis that have evolved from the 2200s to the 2300s to the 2400s. Starline 2400 is 1/3788 scale. These remain in production and you can find them here.

On our store on Shapeways, the 3788 Scale is compatible with the Starline 2400s.

3788 Scale:


2500 Miniatures

Under our joint venture with Mongoose, we have launched the new 2500 series which are larger and have more detail. In November 2013, a contract modification put this the manufacture and distribution of this product line entirely in ADB's hands. Starline 2500 is 1/3125. You can find out more about these miniatures here.

On our store on Shapeways, the 3125 Scale is compatible with the Starline 2500s.

3125 Scale:


2425 Miniatures

Certain units cannot be realistically done in either of the standard scales, so the 2425 range of miniatures includes general units (bases, freighters, monster, shuttles) which work very nicely with both the 2400s (1/3788) and the 2500s (1/3125). For example, starbase would be 28 inches across for the 2500s and 24 inches across for the 2400s so the three-include model we provide here works nicely for both scales. After all, if the ships were the same scale as the movement/weapons ranges, each ship would be smaller than the head of a pin. You can find out more about these miniatures here.

On our store on Shapeways, the Omni Scale is compatible with the Starline 2425s.

Omni Scale:


Comparison Images between 2400s and 2500s

Klingon Squadron Box, Starline 2400 to Starline 2500 comparison. We used resin in this shot to make it very clear which are which.

A comparison of the Starline 2500 and Starline 2400 Federation CA.

Federation DNG in the Starline 2500 and and DN in the Starline 2400 line. Painting and photo by Mark Notestine.

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