Vista De Las Vegas

  In this scenario, Klingon and Federation forces converged on the colony of Vista De Las Vegas to battle for control of its strategic position.

        This was a battle fought on 3 Sept 2511 between Klingon troops (coming from the west, the top of the photo) and Federation troops (coming from the east, the bottom of the photo). Both forces had 75 troops (15 squads) that were identical except that the Klingons had an extra engineer instead of the Federation sniper unit.

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Photo #51 is the end of turn 5. The fast moving commandoes of both sides have reached the town of Vista de las Vegas (View of the Meadows). The main body of troops is following behind. The Klingons are not spread out as much because they had to cross a bridge just west of the photo.



Photo #58: The Klingons surge, pushing more troops into the town and eliminating some exposed Federation Marines.



Photo #52, end of turn #6. The commandoes fought in the town but nobody was hurt. The main bodies are closing up on the town.



Photo #59: The Federation uses its dominant position to full effect. Each platoon (two Marine squads and a command squad) rack up die roll bonuses (-3 for the commando, -2 more for the Marines supporting them) and each destroys a Klingon squad that had been in the town square.



Photo #53, end of Fed Turn #7. They have pushed Marines into the town, but their attempt to maneuver to the north of the town ran into a firestorm of Klingon riflemen.

In the photo, the Fed upside down Marines were pinned by the Klingon Marines, who fired "snap shots" during the enemy turn (basically using their fire for the next player-turn) to shut down the maneuver. (This is why so many Klingon units are upside down.) One Fed squad was eliminated and two others pinned. The upside down fed unit in the lower right is a sniper who fired at long range. One of the two Klingon commando squads in the town has been eliminated, and the other stunned. The Fed engineers build a nice big foxhole for the weapons unit to hide in, which was probably a mistake as they cannot hit anything from there except by indirect fire with a +2 penalty.



Photo #60: the Klingons, knowing that their chances are just plain awful, push back into the center of the town, trying to pin down the Federation Marines with artillery fire so they can mass for a close assault to break the Federation line.



Photo #54: The Klingons have (end of Turn #7) shoved regular Marines into the town, but the way the town is configured, the Feds have the advantage (as they hold two hexes facing the line of impact, but the Klingons only have one hex). [This may or may not convince us to have Xander change the map.] Meanwhile, the Klingons are winning the gunfight in the field north of town.



Photo #61: The moment of truth. The Klingons throw everything they have into the town for a final push, while the Federation gathers up the supporting units that haven't been effectively used and tries to outflank the Klingon position in the town.



Photo #55, end of Fed Turn #8, no real change as both sides focus on the town. One Klingon squad got picked off by the sniper in the north field.



Photo #62: The Klingon position collapses as all three Federation platoons crush the exposed Klingon front line.



Photo #56, the town square turns into a meat grinder as the dominant Federation two-hex position eliminates Klingon units.



Photo #63: The Federation forces clear the town, but the last Klingon unit successfully uses a EPA regulation prohibiting the Federation from exterminating any species of dinosaur they happen to find. True, Hilladarians are not really dinosaurs, and there are billions of Hilladarians elsewhere so killing these five won't exterminate the species, but the Federation JAG officer cannot actually PROVE that is the case. A judge grants an injunction and orders the Federation Marines to give the Hilladarians the town as "their ancestral breeding grounds" until the case can be reviewed in superior court.



Photo #57: A Klingon counter-attack retakes the town square.


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