Battle Group Brevard County

Our group is active. We plan to use some of the Battlegroup 550 ideas during our next few weekly game nights.  We play most Thursday evenings starting between 6 and 7pm and ending about 10 or 11:00pm..


Historical Miniature Gaming Society-South

I plan on running a Star Fleet Battles game at the upcoming convention at the end of September.


Last night we played a hypothetical meeting engagement between ISC frigate and a destroyer against 4 Gorn PFs. It was a deep space game with a fully floating map. After exchanging a few plasma torps the Gorn PFs ran away and we called it a draw. No damage was done on either side. We are thinking of running a PF focused game at the next convention


This week our Battlegroup will continue with a Kzinti vs Paravian 550 Battlegroup game. Last week the Kzinti launched a massive 50-60 drone swarm. Will the Paravian fleet be able to defend?

Gameday May 5, 2017

We are playing Battlegroup 550 games for the next few weeks using the pre generated fleets.


Battle Group Brevard started a new Battlegroup 550 game. Orion Pirates vs Juggernaut. As of Turn 2 Impulse 8 the game could go either week will hopefully be the conclusion of the game.


Battle Group Brevard will be running a Star Fleet Battles scenario at the WWW.HMGS-SOUTH.COM Recon convention at the beginning of May. The convention will be in Kissimee Florida. I have gotten the scenario onto the game schedule forbthe convention.

Weekly Gameday

Our weekly Star Fleet Battles game occurs on Thursday evenings in Cocoa Beach. This week will be a continuation of a conceptual scenario called Runnimg the Gauntlet. A badly damaged large Hydran fleet has to get through a fresh Klingon blockade. The Klingons have to act fast as they are being sniped at by the Hydran Starbase at long range. Soon the Star Bases phaser 4's will easily destroy the Klingons.


We will be playing a cops and robbers type scenario for Star Fleet Battles.

Historical Miniature Gaming Society Convention

I will be hosting another Star Fleet Battles game at the Historical Miniature Society Hurricon( event coming up in mid September. Our Battle Group plays nearly every Thursday evening and have been playing on Thursdays for several years now.


We have not decieded on a scenario for this week. We did play a scenario from Captain Log 15 last week.


We will continue playing the main scenario from Captain's Log 50 next Thursday. We started playing it last Thursday but ran into some issues finding the correct ship SSD's. Only got to Turn 1 Impulse 24. So far a fun scenario but finding the ship SSD's was a problem.

Historical Miniature Gaming Society Convention

Historical Miniature Gaming Society-South Hurricon ( convention in Orlando coming up at the end of September. I plan on hosting 2 SFB game sessions. First one will be Friday September 25 from 8pm-12pm. The next session will be Saturday September 26 1pm-6pm. My group and I are working out which senario to announce. As a backup plan I will have some of the Demo game material printed out.

Gameday 9/22/2015

We will be playtesting the second senario.

Gameday 8/20/2015

This weeks (8/20/2015) game focuses on a Hydran and Klingon carrier group encounter. We are practicing using fighters and carriers.


Either playing SFB continuation of the previous Klingon carrier group versus the Federation. Or playing some Federation and Empire depending on everyones schedule.


Impromptu Federation and Empire learning session.

July 30, 1015 - SFB Gameday

July 30th we will be starting a new scenario using a Klingon carrier group against a Fed convoy.

July 23, 1015 - SFB Gameday

We will be plying Star Fleet Battles either a continuation of last weeks Klingon raid on a Hydran mining station or start a new game. The new scenario would involve a carrier task force of some sort. Klingon vs Federation.

July 16, 1015 - SFB Gameday

It was a Klingon raid against a Hydran mining moon station
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