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Playtesting/Gameday Report

We have been playing but not keeping things updated, we have played several ACTA-SF games in the past months mainly play-testing for ACTA-SF Book 3 and scenarios from the Captains Logs.

ACTA-SF Book 3 play-testing have included: Lyrans and their ESG's, Hydrans and their Hellbores and Fusion Beams, Fighters from the Klingon, Lyran and Hydrans.
Captains Log games we've played have been the Juggernaut Scenario.
All have been reported, suggestions make and ship cards tweaked, more to come as we continue to play-test.

Playtesting/Gameday Report

We've had several ACTASF playtest games, not on enough to keep everyone up to date on what we've been doing.
ACTASF Book 3 play testing, Lyrans, LDR, Hydran, Fighters have been the focus, when not playing the CO has been painting mini's and converting more SFB and FC ships into the ACTASF format

Playtesting/Gameday Report

We play-tested the ACTASF Boarding party rules. Klingon Vs. Federation. 1000 points per side (must have had 2 commando ships). Game was a Draw however, the boarding party rules work well.

4/8/2017 - DEMO

Tom Talasco and Mark Lurz, will be running a DEMO (Ranger) of ACTASF during the April Game-A-Thon held by the Schenectady Warhammer's Association from 5pm to 10pm. We will welcome players of all abilities. please be over the age of 14 unless a parent is also playing in the demo.

January 21st - Playtesting/Gameday Report

We had three for today's play test game day, Klingons Vs Tholians. Tholian player forced the Klingons to concede the game after 5 turns. play test report sent to Tony Thomas.

January 21st - Playtesting/Gameday

We are planning additional ACTA-SF Book 2 play-testing running Tholians and Seltorians

January 14th - Playtesting/Gameday

We are planning additional ACTA-SF Book 2 play-testing running Tholians and Seltorians

1/1/2017 - Playtesting/Gameday

Myself and 2 other members of my battlegroup Playtested the Scout rules for ACTASF Book 2, a playtest report and suggested changes to the Scout rules where submitted.

11/26/2016 - We played ACTASF

2 games, 1st game was the Scenario "On the back foot" pg 40, Kzinti as the attacker and Klingon defending (Klingon went on the offensive and won the scenario) game 2 was a fleet action of 2200 points, another Klingon vs Kzinti game, we used 1 playtest ship, the B10. Klingons also won this game. next game day/night to be scheduled soon
ACTASF 11/26/2016 during our last game we play tested the Klingon B10 what a monster, but it worked well in game play

11/18/16 Playtesting

We played ACTA-SF Seltorian vs Tholian. Play tested ACTA-SF Book 2 material, wrote a new scenario and sent both the scenario and play test report to Tony Thomas.

5/13/16 Playtesting

A few of the battle group will be getting together to play-test the Scenario and new ship created by Tony Thomas for CL#51

5/6/16 Game Night

We had 6 players, 1 being a first timer! we played a modified version of The Encounter at Denobola from CL#5. All had fun and we ended up running out of time for game to come to a victory. Our new player has borrowed a copy of the rules to read and get a full understanding before our next game night

Game April 22 Game Night

On April 22nd, we will be playing ACTA-SF, I think we will be doing an Orion scenario, which will be submitted as a potential Orion Scenario. I'm expecting at least 1 new player this session!

Game Night at CO's house

ACTA-SF Game night March 25th, we are looking to do a Romulan vs. Orion game, based of the scenario encounter at Denebola from SL89.0 if we can convert the SFB ships to ACTA-SF. We will begin at 6PM.

Game Night at CO's house

We ran a convoy escort scenario which had the Federation escorting 6 freighters, against the Orion Pirates, using the ACTA-SF rule set. after 5 turns the Orions where able to over run and defeat the Federation escorts by out maneuvering them and killing the freighters. We had 5 players for this session, all returning players. over all a good night of playing ACTA-SF

Game Night at CO's house

We will be having our monthly ATCA-SF game night. Scenario and sides TBD.

Game Night at CO's house

We had 5 players, ACTA-SF, Gorn vs Romulan, set-up was Romulans where attempting to resupply a forward base so it could be upgraded, Gorn mission was to stop the freighters or destroy the base, The Gorn opted to wipe out the Freighters. Game lasted 4 turns with a Gorn Victory but left the Base intact. we found that what the moderator thought was a balanced fight turned out to be very lop-sided. Additionally we had one new player join us, who after the game asked where he could buy the rules for himself and asked to come back to our next session.

Game Night at CO's house

ACTA-SF game night, we had 6 players tonight 4 of which where inexperienced, so almost a Demo, we played a 4 on 2, Federation and Kzinti (4) vs Klingon (2), the inexperienced players won but took a beating from the experienced Klingon players. The new players enjoyed the game and will be back for our next game night. Next game night for the group will be on January 15th to let everyone enjoy the Holidays season.

Counsel of Five Nations Convention

Members of our group (Tom Talasco and Mark Lurz), run 3 demo games at the council of Five Nations, during this convention we demo'd ACTA-SF, we had 7 players sight up over the two day convention, 3 of which joined our battle group. Of the 7 players, Only 2 had played the game before our demo, the 2 players which have played this game prior to the convention, said we ran a well flowing game and kept it basic due to doing it as a demo and not knowing the experience the their players had with the game

Game Day - November 13th

We will be playing ACTA-SF at my home in Clifton Park, NY. We will have some new players introduced at this session and discuss up coming game dates and which games we will play (ACTA-SF, F&E, FC or SFB)

Councel of Five Nations - Upcoming

We are organizing a demo for A Call to Arms. Email either Mark or Tom for more information.
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