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Meeting details: Febuary. 2020
We will take on the squadron-sized battle featured in the most recent Captain's Log, set during the 2nd Federation-Kzinti War. There will be drones a-plenty as the Federation try to defend a base.

Meeting details: Sept. 2019
We've embarked on the mini-campaign "Where wisdom fails" from way back in Captain's Log 6. In our August meeting, the Hydrans crushed the Klingon BS well before the reinforcements arrived. In our September meeting, the Dragoon escaped the D6, while the Ranger succumbed to the D7 + F5 pairing. In a side game, the D7Z was caught and crippled by 2 Hydran destroyers.

Meeting details: Sept. 2019
Our October game will be on Saturday the 12th, and will be the last round of "Wisdom", with the D7 and F5 ambushing the Dragoon. A side game may be "Catching Hell", a frigate squadron battle a few years later in the Four Powers War. We are still new- and old-player-friendly, so come on down!

Expect a round of Death Race 3000

March 10, 2018: completed our Federation/Romulan arc, by finishing "A Surprize Fight". Another Federation victory.

April, date TBD. Something in a large fleet battle.

Nov 11: The Juggernaut came back in a reprise of the classic scenario. Not good for the Galactic powers this time, as the Tholian cruiser was immolated, and the Federation cruiser lost half its weapons before we conceded the game.
Dec 9, 2017 is our projected next game. Perhaps something on the Federation-Romulan front, to be determined

Meeting June 24, 2017
Plans are for new players to duel in tournament ships with a veteran coaching, and a Kzinti squadron to deal with the Juggernaut. This is something of a repeat of the May 20 games.

Meeting April 8, 2017
Planning for "Deadfall" scenario, as we continue our exploration of Jindarians

January game should be on the 15th. We plan to do more Jindarian scenarios for the near future. Our next one should be a 3-way fight including the Tholians and Seltorians. Sixteen ships, more players can join right in!

December 18, 2016
We wrapped up "Disaster at Rikantha", the Jindarian ship lasted 9 turns before 1 plasma-R too many finished it off. The Romulans were very disappointed that years of planning and preparations did not result in a capture.

Meeting Details: Discuss remaining 2015 dates.

October 11, 2015- monthly game day
Continuing "Vital Recovery" with 4 fleets, although the Carnivons are pretty well out of it now.
Projected future dates: November 8 and December 13.

March 9, 2014
Finishing "Bringing a cat to a dogfight" at The Soldiery

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