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Played a Lyran convoy of two freighters with a warp refitted destroyed verse a Kzinti Drone Cruiser. Outcome inconclusive.
Played a Gorn CC verse two Paravian DD. Tested the Plasma Sabot round out. Scary option for the plasma guys to have.

Gameday 02/24/2018

Antique Road Show III
Only one game, but it lasted 3 hours. But the time did include the usual yacking.
Lyran YCA verse a Kzinti YCS.
Combat was almost 5 straight turns with no weapons fire, only ESG rams of drones. End of 5, both ships clawed at each other. Lyran did a Ben Hur attack on the Kzinti, the Kzinti tractored the Lyran, then both fired. Then in turn 6, the Lyran broke the tractor, but had suffered the loss of 50% of his weapons, the Kzinti lost 50% of his weapons. Both decided to disengage due to other internal damage. The Lyran was awarded a marginal Tactical Victory.

Gameday 02/17/2018

Game 1 Y-Era
Lyran YCA ("Captain Cat" verse the "Hydran Kid")
The Lyrans were lucky in that the Village People held a concert on their ship singing "In the Navy," and "YCA."
Marginal Victory for the Hydrans.

Game 2 Y-Era Ships
Federation YCA (Captain Cat) verse Klingon D4 (Hydran Kid)
Marginal tactical victory for the Federation.

Gameday 01/27/2018

Antique Road Show Y Era Ships
1st Game
Lyran YCC verse Hydran Grenadier GRN
The Lyran suffered a loss of 50% of its weapons and had to withdraw.
The Hydran only lost shields.

2nd Game
Federation YCA verse Klingon D4
In the final round both ships got into a knife fight. The Klingon received some damage, but it lost a scanner box, two phasers, emergency bridge, two warp, 5 hull, and a drone rack. The Federation only took 2 phasers, 2 hull, and a warp box. But the damage to the scanner box was of enough significance that all fire from the D4 went wild and the captain was forced to withdraw.

Gameday April 15th, 2017

A meeting of old friends
2 Gorn Heavy Destroyers verse 2 Paravian War Destroyers
Both side moved around the board with no real damage to either side. It was a draw. But the crazy birds will return to destroy the evil demons.

Gameday March 25th 2017

Battle #1
D7H Anarchist and a Hydran Knight Destroyer
Lyran Tiger CA and a Lyran Leopard DD
The battle was fought to a draw when the Lyran Fleet was able to destroy shield# 5 on the Anarchist forcing the Hydran fleet to disengage
Battle #2
2 Federation DDs verse 4 Klingon E4s
Both sides shot each other up and left it as a draw

Gameday 03/18/2017

Mystery Ship Day, both side drew at random from 10 ships and played the ship drawn. The battlefield was a Warp Distortion Area where sensors only worked to a range of 36. The Tac Intel Chart for Manned Shuttle was used. The generic civilian ships chart was used and no player knew what he other player had till they had spent time gathering intelligence.

Battle One

Gorn Light Cruisers with only Plasma Gs verse Orion BW.

Gorn suffered some internal damage but the Orion was reduced to excess damage boxes. It self-destructed in the time-honored Orion tradition.

Battle Two

Romulan Seahawk A verse a Hydran SAR.

The Hydran destroyed the Seahawk with minor internal injuries.

Gameday 03/11/2017

Battle One

Hydran Heavy Knight Destroyer verse a Lyran Jagdpanther Light Cruiser.

Lyran sustained heavy damage and disengaged.

Battle Two

Klingon FWC and an Orion Double Raider (armed with disruptors and phasers) verse a Federation War Destroyer and a Fast Destroyer.

War Destroyer was nearly destroyed, the Fast Destroyer was damaged. The Klingon FWC suffered over 50% internal damage and the Orion suffered none. The Federation squadron was allowed to leave the area.


Session# 1

Lyran Heavy Destroyer verse Hydran Heavy Knight

Both sides fought to a draw. The Lyran suffered 26 hits internally and the Hydran has shield#1 down to 1 box, shield# 4 down to 2 boxes.

Secession# 2

Two Tholian PCs verse two Klingon E4s

Game agreed to as a draw by both sides. 1 PC was totally intact and the other only had 1 excess damage box left after round three. 1 E4 was intact and the other suffered 50% internal damage.

03/25/2017 - Playtest

03/25/2017 We did a play test of Federation Commander rules using the Federation frigate against a Klingon frigate.

03/25/2017 - Gameday

We conducted training with a LDR frigate verse a Kzinti frigate. The training was to teach how to use and play against the ESG. Both captains learned a lot about the use of drones and maneuvering to maintain arcs of fire.

Played two games on 02/04/2017

Game 1 Klingons verse Tholians

Y1 (SH210.0) First Clash

Two Klingon D3s, the IKV Warmaster (flag ship) & IKV Kartal's Hammer encountered the TDFS Solitude & the TDFS Keeper (flag ship) in orbit around Moon 2215. The Tholians were allowed to choose their own setup and were anchored one on each side of the moon facing the Klingons. The Klingons came in at max speed, fired drones at range 7 at TDFS Keeper. The IKV Warmaster moved in first and brought its battery to bear on the left 60-degree arc and with an Alpha Strike on the TDFS Keeper blew out shield #6 and caused 18 points of damage internally. The IKV Warmaster then turned and came behind the TDFS Keeper. TDFS Keeper fired its four nose phasers at the IKV Warmaster but only caused 3 points of internal damage. The IKV Kartal's Hammer following astern of the IKV Warmaster moved up and fired into the downed shield. This attack took out everything in the ship except for 3 Warp Engine boxes, two Bridge, three excess damage and the Aux. The IKV Kartal's Hammer then followed the IKV Warmaster to the stern of the TDFS Keeper.

On the last turn of the game, the captain of the TDFS Keeper was on emergency life support, and ordered a full reverse at speed 9. The captain of the TDFS Solitude came to a speed of 10 in an attempt to aid his comrade. On impulse 6 the TDFS Keeper moved over the IKV Kartal's Hammer which promptly fired drones at it. The final hit caused 24 points of damage on shield #4 and destroyed it. Enough damage was scored that the ship blew up taking all hands down with it. IKV Warmaster then attacked the TDFS Solitude taking out shield #6 and delivering 18 points of internal damage. At this point the captain of the TDFS Solitude ordered a disengagement.

By the use of aggressive tactics, the Klingons inflicted a strategic defeat on the Tholians and outdid the historic outcome

Game 2

Klingons verse the Federation and the Gorns.

Two Klingon E4s verse a Federation Police Frigate and a Gorn Police Battle Frigate.

The battle stared off in the opposite corners and moved to the center. The two Klingons moved to the side and attacked the Federation Police Frigate first. The Federation player fired Photons and phasers at the lead Klingon and one torpedo missed. It damaged the Klingon and the lead Klingon took out the front shield and gave the Fed some internals. Both ships turned away and the second Klingon Frigate followed and damaged the Fed some more but stayed on his stern to deliver an overload attack on the next turn. The Gorn turned into the second Klingon and fired on the ship. The torpedo caused considerable damage and took out all but one disruptor. At this point the Klingons elected to disengage.

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