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we are in the midst of reconstitution and codifying our bylaws; Sunday, 2017.09.24, (SH148.0) The Tortoise & The Hares, Van & Aaron flew Klingon vs Arthur & Marshall flying Feds. Pick-up BPV 110 Y168(?), Van T-NDD, Aaron P-DWL, Arthur D-DW+(power)(uim)


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SFB Scenario (SG27.0) REPAIR RENDEZVOUS. F-CAR+a (Stephen Henson/Van A. Henson), C-F-RS (Stephen Henson/Van A. Henson), F-FFGa (new player Juan/Van A. Henson), K-D5J w/leg. Engineer (Marshall N. Bishop), Observer Arthur K. Henson.

During set up the CAR+a was crippled by (S2.4) condition B, but was still very combat capable due to losing mostly padding (25 Warp, 2xPhoton, & 8xPh-1 at game start).

Before Klingon arrival the CAR+a was able to repair all missing weapons, his AWRs, his batteries, and all padding but Labs and damaged control boxes (shields of 14, 8, 8, 12, 12, & 14).

Being combat ready and at Weapons Status III before Klingon arrival did not prevent the Klingon from achieving a Substantive Victory. Two and a half turns was all it took for the Klingon to do two overruns on the F-RS (popping it just before it left the map) and disengage off the map edge. Meanwhile the Federation Photon dice were very uncooperative and all 6 torps (in various levels of OL) missed allowing the Klingon to leave the map one bridge hit short of crippled status. Marshall's parting comment was "Captain Kortez has struck a blow to regain honor for his crew."

Power 9 Games

(SG27.0) Repair Rendezvous, Battle Group discussion, Pick games.

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