Battle Group Tacoma, WA

Our group is a very active group that plays every Sunday and has been for the past 4 months.  You can see our Facebook page here:

William Z. Cohen and other members of this group attend a few gaming conventions in the area most specifically Enfilade in Olympia, WA, Gamestorm in Vancouver, WA, Dragonflight in Bellevue, WA and multiple others.

Recent Activites:

We all will be now exploring the terrain effects of the gaseous anomaly known as the nebula. BPV is 125 points (not including the 20% Commander's Options.

There will be restrictions (no legendary officers, certain races, and so on) posted in the days to come so as all of us can experience the full effects of dealing with the impact of combat within this carefully avoided part of space.

Check out the facebook event here.
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