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We have published many sets of deck plans over the years, are in the process of printing more. This web page includes resources that will be useful to those trying to draw deck plans.

Those already published include:
"GURPS Module Prime Alpha" - The printing in Prime Alpha is the most-complete. CL27 and the Federation RPG books skip the FLG/FFV extended shuttlebay views.
Federation Frigate, published in the Federation RPG book and CL27. Sample of the Federation Frigate.
Klingon G1, published in the Klingon RPG books and as a separate product and in CL27.
Klingon D7, based on the old Lincoln Enterprises plans, see the deck plans here.
Romulan SkyHawk, published in the Romulan RPG book and in CL31. Sample of the Romulan Skyhawk.
Romulan Snipe, Published in Captain's Log #36, see the deck plans here.
Free Trader, published in the core prime directive rulebooks. Sample of the Free Trader.
Federation Express, published in Captain's Log #29. Sample of the Federation Express.
Tholian Patrol Corvette and Destroyer, Published in Captain's Log #33. Sample of the Tholian PC.
Tramp Steamer (which pretty much defines the small freighter) in the old PD1 material.

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