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Middle Years tournament thoughts

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2009 3:05 am    Post subject: Middle Years tournament thoughts Reply with quote


On the one hand, FC's current tournament system is intended to be distinct from that of SFB - focussing on squadrons instead of starship duels.

On the other, the Middle Years range of ships might suit a distinct tournament system, which could both highlight the less intense warfare of the era, and make playing such a tourney more than just plugging their ships into the current FC layout.

So, I posted over on the other board an idea which might be interesting.

One could choose one of a range of ships (Squadron Scale) in the roughly 120-135 (or thereabouts) point range, and take them against others of said range in a round-robin set of one-on-one matchups, and maybe also include some kind of monster scenario intended to have 2 or more players co-operate in order to survive (and jointly earn points from).

The ships I had in mind were, provisionally:

Federation: CA, CAR, GSC, OCA
Klingon: D6, D7
Orion: CA
Kzinti: CS, CA
Tholian: C
Romulan: KR, VUL
Gorn: CA
Lyran: CA, BCE

Of those, the GSC, Vulture and Royal Panther are somewhat unorthodox choices, granted - but they are within the general points spread, and have various strengths and weaknesses that could make them challenging in a duel format.

Plus, in the right monster scenario, the GSC would have a potentially interesting role to play.

(I'm not quite sure that the CAR would be a good fit once it is released, since its rear-firing phasers might take away some of the challenge one would have with the CA - or whether or not the D6 and CS should be included also - but I dunno.)

The way I see it, obliging players to take historical ships is a challenge that the SFB duels don't offer (with their tournament-optimised non-historical vessels) - which would be the point. Middle Years captains had to make do with what they had, not with what they wished they were flying.

The challenge would be for a FC player to try and do the same.

Now, this is just a provisional idea - but it's one I wanted to run past you anyway. Alternatively, if you have ideas concerning how to make a Middle Years tournament distinct from the General War-era tourney already in place, why not post them here for us to pore over?
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