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Two good matches

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PostPosted: Thu May 20, 2010 10:12 pm    Post subject: Two good matches Reply with quote

Last weekend I had a chance to play two scenarios against a new player (his 2nd and 3rd games). He loves how important maneuvering is. A change from all the RPG-system combat he is used to. He's also picking things up fast.

Previously we had played a duel, and he wan't too into the game at the end. He had a real hard time getting his head around the moved system. He has only played "on your initiative move x numbers of hexes/squares/inches/whatever and shoot. After game two he was hooked.

First game Friday was 8B108: Landing Party. He was the Klingon, I took the Fed. I managed to rescue every landing party, but it was close. A judicious HET by me got me back to the last landing party and I beamed them onboard. He had one last shot but could not stop me. The best part was how fast he got into marine hit and runs. He got a shield down and several times targeted my transporters to keep me from beaming up the landing party. I think if we replayed this, he just might beat me. As it was, his lack of experience let me won, but even then it was damn close.

The next day, on Saturday, we met at a Panera Bread Factory to have lunch and play out 8CM23: Pickett's Charge. I wanted to play Kzinti, so I switched up the ships. He took the Fed ship, uprated from a CC to a BCG. I switch out the Lyran DD and FF with a Kzinti FF and Ward Destroyer. 179 points to his 189. For the target, since we were about 20 points higher, I swapped the small freighter for a large freighter.

He came in fast, erratic maneuvers on. Over the turn he closed in on the freighter, and I circled to come up behind him, letting 2 sets of four drones on him. At the end of the turn, two drones connected, one was held in a tractor and one ADD'ed to death. He hit my War Destroyer, doing shiueld damage but only causing 1 internal from burn through. That would be the only point my two main ship took, but his #4 shield goes down and a couple of meaningless internals happen (a lab and something else).

Next turn he decides to go all out for the freighter and then try to run for it. Bad move. He HETs to bring his#1 shield to face the frieghter, unloads everything, dumping energy into overloading, and spending everything down to 1 point left (for one acceleration, he said). Bam: the 5 point shield falls and the damage flows! The freighter blows. Now all he has to do is run.

Except that on the same impulse I was close, both ships off his #5 shield (though not head on), one 1 hex away, one 2 hexes away. I fire, bringing the shield down and doing about twenty internals. Some of this was the cool occurrence of me hitting his tractors and the drone he is holding is released and hits him.

He thinks he might get away, until I say "launching" in the next phase. Already there is a set of four on the board about to hit him. I unleash another six (4 from one, two from the other). He tries to get away. Does he?

Nope. By the end of movement all ten drones have entered his hex, against down shields. One ADD stops 1. The others fly into his ship for 108 internals.

By the rules I won. He may have destroyed the repair ship (played by the freighter), but I took down a battleship.

In the end it was damn fun. Very Happy
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