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Donjebruche Campaign: Wayback Machine

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:41 pm    Post subject: Donjebruche Campaign: Wayback Machine Reply with quote

wayback machine wrote:
Tarsh says he can't stand it when business associates are not punctual-- especially when it is this sort of business. He then utters a string of curses upon X'al Fen for being so late-- something about the variety of radiation sickness that the Cromarg's mother suffered from...! "If I don't have that package in 15 minutes...." But Tarsh doesn't finish his sentence. "A deal's a deal!" he exclaims.

Tarsh wanted a package from X'al Fen... how much did he know...?

wayback machine wrote:

Female voice: You don't appear to understand, you piece of freeze dried Andorian filth. Tell us where the artifact is... now!

Tarsh: I don't have it! I don't have it! Please... who are you people?!

Female voice: Well then... Tarsh... that's not the answer we're looking for. But as an Andorian, I believe you'd have a couple of vestigial kidneys that you don't really need... right about... here.

Tarsh: Nin'Kul! No... no...! Not...! Argh! Arrrrrrgh!

The figure-in-black didn't know that Tarsh was a Klingon disguised as an Andorian. Did he know more than he was letting on? Or did he get drawn into something by accident...?

wayback machine wrote:
"... The Galactic Survey Cruiser Magellan has been missing for weeks, tensions are rising in the neutral zone with every incident instigated by our cowboy Star Fleet captains, and now... a Klingon citizen is murdered in his own apartment by Federation members."

The party did get a bit too much exposure here... but it was via Captain Jack being seen at the scene of the Cromarg's murder....

wayback machine wrote:
As your heel crushes the side of the drawer, you hear a loud crack. Everyone in the room is nearly deafened by a combination of static and a high pitched screaming sound.

The drawer is smashed... and scattered on the floor now are three or four pieces of some sort of fin-like object. The whining sound is replaced by... perhaps it is an awful red-alert siren from a parallel universe. As you recover from your temporary shock, you notice that one edge of the fin has what looks like a red, glowing radiator grill. Gradually over the course of thirty seconds or so, the siren gets quieter while the red glow gets dimmer and dimmer.

Hopefully that didn't matter too much...!

Jeffr0 wrote:
"You worked for Cheyeng? Then that makes you *my* employees, does it not? I pay generously, and, in exchange, I expect complete loyalty. Those who betray me... well... that doesn't come up very often."

He then explains that he has a minor sideline trading old artefacts that date from the time of the Old Kings. X'al Fen had a bad habit of selling significant cultural artefacts to outside bidders. The Klingons preservation societies knew about this, but decided to let him continue operating so that they could keep an eye on him. Karn Cheyeng posed as an Andorian to buy back key items so as to not arouse any suspicions on X'al Fen's part.

But... something out of the ordinary has clearly transpired here. Muan Kaal will pay you... rather well... to find out who killed Karn Cheyeng and X'al Fen. He'll pay you even more if you can get him the artifact they got killed over.

"Besides, I'm limited in my ability to operate here in Federation Space. Perhaps citizens like yourselves can get around a bit more freely, could you not?"

This is Muan Kaal's story and he's sticking to it!

wayback machine wrote:
"Ah, freelancerss eh? Actually... thingss have been a little too interesstingss of late."

He slides a sketch across the table.

"A friend of mine actually attracted an unusual amount of... attention recently.... Can you believe it...? Ressspectable archeologistsss, too."

The sketch... is a bad copy of the one that was aired on the news... the one made from the description given by the woman Captain Jack phasered at X'al Fen's apartment...!

The Hilidarians seemed to have gotten onto Captain Jack's trail sooner than the Feds....

wayback machine wrote:
Guido holds up a claw as he makes each rhetorical question:

"A, how much actual cash money do you have?

"B, are you telling me you schmo's have a ship...? You expect me to believe that...?

"C, do you realize how many freighters have failed to show up here in the past three days...?!

"And not least... D! How many times have I told you not to call me Guido?!

"Do you realize my entire operation is about to be ruined!?


He turns back to his work in his usual dismissive way, as if he were 100% sure you could not possibly help him out....

Meanwhile, Guido is having too many of his own problems to help out the PC's....

wayback machine wrote:
a brief flashback from page 17 of this thread wrote:

Captain Jack wrote:

"Yes, the weather today was pleasant. I'm certain that I know you from somewhere, were you Keldek from the archeological dig on Klardon a few years back?"

Hildarian wrote:

"No... but I know him. He comes from a good egg, Keldek doesss. Sso... are you archeologists?" He looks askance at Marcus Kane. "You don't quite... seem like the sssort for that...."


"You sssmell allright... but maybe not so much like a cold blooded killer. I'll tell you what. Another asssociate of mine appears to have skipped town. I trust him even less than I trust you. He might know ssomething. Bring him to me... here. He's a local; a nomad. He goes by the name... Rocky.

"If you do that, we can talk more about this offer of yours...."

Okay... so...

You talk with Rocky some more.

It's pretty clear he's swapped artifacts off and on with X'al Fen for a while... at least he's clearly aware that X'al Fen is a radiation poisoned Cromarg without you giving that away. But he claims to have not had any direct dealings with any Hilidarians....

Rocky had an ongoing relationship with X'al Fen and didn't know about any Hilidarians....

And from about that point on, it was just action-action-action all the way to eleven!
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