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Have you ever wondered just how a Gorn ship could end up fighting a Hydran ship or what would happen if the Romulans and Gorns became allies? Then come explore the possibilities inherent in Galactic Conquest, the longest running campaign game in SFB history.

Since 1985, Galactic Conquest has been going strong. Game designer John Berg and game developer Mike Incavo, with the help of Galactic Conquest players, have hammered out a set of rules that detail all of the background necessary to run an empire. Exploration, diplomacy, conquest, economics, production, technology development, Merchant Marine, and Navy, Galactic Conquest covers it all.

Now it is time to take the next step: releasing the Galactic Conquest Rulebook to the wider SFU audience. ADB, Inc. has just published the fourth edition of the Galactic Conquest Rulebook as two new universes unfold. These universes, along with ongoing Universe 3, show the diversity of games that can be played with these rules. Whether it is playing small empires (just barely a step up from being one-hex wonders) on a double-blind map to playing seven-system empires with various worlds ripe for the gathering, to playing fully developed empires plunged into the chaos of a full-fledged Andromedan assault, Galactic Conquest has rules to handle it.

Galactic Conquest games are full of banter and reports as can be seen in the Galactic Conquest topic on the BBS.

Are you a Federation & Empire player? These rules will seem at least somewhat familiar to you, except your economy is in your control! Play SFB? Try taking on the strategic end of the game! Experienced players will mentor you and pass on tips to make your game experience a positive one.

But beware! The name of the game is Galactic Conquest not Galactic Pattycake! Skirmishes lead to wars and to conquest. Can your empire be the biggest and baddest in this part of the galaxy?

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