Name a Starship

For a nominal fee, you can name a starship for your wife or girlfriend (or one for each of them!). You could name a starship for your husband, boyfriend, or just a friend, even a beloved pet. You can have up to 17 letters and spaces. Feel free to use a first name, last name, nickname, even a title like Princess or Lady.

We'll mail you printed certificate and enter the ship name in the official records of the Star Fleet Universe. (Postage is extra.) Ask, and we'll send you a jpg or a PDF suitable for printing.

You can pick any empire or species. Federation, Klingon, Fralli, Gorn, or anything else in the Star Fleet Universe. Unless you specifiy something, we'll make it part of the Federation's Star Fleet. A few obvious rules: nothing dirty or offensive, no copyrighted character names, no public figures.

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Name a Starship Example

List of Starships

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