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The Omega Octant is an exciting new area for Star Fleet Battles fans, with over 20 new empires, over  50 new systems and weapons, and over 300 new starships.

The Omega Octant is located on the far side of the Inter-Stellar Concordium from the Federation. Separating the ISC and the Omega Octant is the impassable VOID, an area of dead space no ship can cross. Technically, this is the Omega Octant (one-eighth of the Milky Way Galaxy) consisting of the Phi, Chi, Xi, and Omega Sectors (each sector is 1/24 of the Milky Way.) But then, technically, the Alpha Octant is home to the Romulans and Gorns; the Federation is in the Beta Sector and the Klingons are in the Gamma Sector, the three comprising the Alpha Octant. But let's not get technical.

The Omega Octant was designed by Bruce Graw to be significantly different from the Alpha Octant known to SFB fans. (Why invent another Alpha Sector? We already HAVE one of those!) Ships are a little slower. Mapboard clutter is reduced by less dependance on fighters and seeking weapons. Most of all, borders are unstable and constantly change. Empires rise and fall. An empire that dominates the area one year, may be reduced to a forgotten backwater only two decades later. Some empires are attacked by powerful neighbors and end up "moving" their territory into space owned by a weaker neighbor on the other side.

For a home away from home, there is the Federal Republic of Aurora. A Federation planet, complete with a squadron of Star Fleet warships, was transported by unknown forces to the middle of the Omega Sector. Cut off from the Federation, the citzens of this planet formed an enclave of honor and democracy among the warring factions of Omega.

Strange things happen in Omega Octant that would NEVER happen in the Alpha Sector. One empire, the Drex, are robots. Another empire, the Chlorophons, are intelligent trees! The aquatic Kohligahrs have spaceships that look like collections of bubbles. The Trobins are silicon-based. The Alunda use living spaceships. The Sigvirions are a race of bacteria which possess normal biological forms. An extra-galactic cluster (the Iridani) launch "quests" into the Omega Octant. The Loriyill appear to be "fairies riding flaming butterflies" but don't take them as a joke or they'll burn you. The Branthodons use genetically modified space dragons as starships. Jindarians have a permanent territory. The extinct Paravians have a thriving empire. And there is a lot more going on over there.

Now is the best time to explore the Omega Octant. ADB just completed a massive project to update and replace all of the original rulebooks, cleaning up, clarifying, and completing many problem rules. You can start with the rulebooks everybody else worked so hard to fix!

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FRA Frigate (Adobe Acrobat Required)
FRA Light Cruiser (Adobe Acrobat Required)
Trobrin Frigate (Adobe Acrobat Required)
SFB 4 Iridani Ships (Adobe Acrobat Required)
SFB Omega Errata File (Adobe Acrobat Required)
Omega Faction Emblems (Adobe Acrobat Required)
FC Omega Master Ship Chart (Adobe Acrobat Required)
Omega MRB & O5 Errata (Adobe Acrobat Required)
Maesron Bombardment Cruiser (Adobe Acrobat Required)
Probr Accentuation Cruiser (Adobe Acrobat Required)
Trobrin Bolt Frigate (Adobe Acrobat Required)
Iridani Caravel (Adobe Acrobat Required)

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Old Maps of the Omega Sector
New Omega Maps (Adobe Acrobat Required)
New Omega Maps Blank (Adobe Acrobat Required)
New Omega Maps Y100 (Adobe Acrobat Required)
New Omega Maps Y162 (Adobe Acrobat Required)
New Omega Maps Y183 (Adobe Acrobat Required)
New Omega Maps Y192 (Adobe Acrobat Required)
New Omega Maps Y210 (Adobe Acrobat Required)


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