On-Line Resources For The Star Fleet Universe

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Commercial On-Line Service Providers

"While SFB has been active on several computer networks, all SFB-related on-line services are now concentrated on this web site and are no longer offered on the various networks."

 SFB PBEM Tournament Center

Don't have anyone to play with? Want to play an opponent over the Net?
Check out the SFB PBEM homepage.

Star Fleet Information Network

Check here for some of your favorite articles from out of print Captain's Logs.

Star Fleet Battles On-Line

Nobody to play with locally?? Now you can play with distant opponents via the Internet. Check out the SFB On-Line home page.

Starfleet Command

Using data from the best-selling strategy board game, Star Fleet BattlesTM, Starfleet CommandTM puts you in the captain's chair for the most amazing real-time space combat experience ever created.

Additional Starfleet Command information and discussions can be found at the main SFC forum located at Less active but still significant is look for "SFU Forums" on the left.


Send Rules Questions to Amarillo Design Bureau

ADB answers rules questions for all games of the Star Fleet Universe published by ADB, and welcomes Email on any subject related to its game products. For questions about the Starfleet Command series of computer games, please direct them to one of the on-Line forums listed above.

When sending a question to ADB, please go through the following checklist. While ADB answers rules questions as a service to players, making rules questions easy to answer by keeping them in the appropriate format reduces the workload tremendously.

red Look up the question in the rulebook, and check out the Errata File. This may answer several commonly asked questions.
red Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list on this web site. It contains relevant information about what Sort of questions you should ask, and of which company.
red In the subject line of your Email message, please list the game in question (SFB or F&E), and the topic to be discussed, so that the question can get routed to the right person in ADB or on the Staff.
red If possible, please cite the rule in question, what you don't understand about it, and both (or every) possible outcome if it's interpreted in different ways. Tell us what you think each interpretation will let you do or stop you from doing.
red Note that ADB receives several dozen Emails every day, so limit each email to: comments on one subject; one proposal for new items; a group of 10 questions; OR one term paper submission. Please wait for an answer to one Email before sending the next.
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