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News (15 Nov 06)

Welcome to the Official ADB, Inc. Play By E-mail Site. If you have ever wanted to play a game of Star Fleet Battles or Federation Commander, but could not find an opponent, this is the place for you! This site will help you find an opponent, set up, and play via E-mail and the World-Wide Web.

This site is broken into sections, to allow players to more easily access the options they want. Links at the side take you to the following sections:

News (20 Dec 06) A program for making full color maps (used in the FOG games) is now available.

Information General information on PBEM, the organization of the web site, Rated Ace requirements, moderator rewards, and the PBEM staff.

Rules The rules for playing SFB and Federation Commander via E-mail, plus updates to the rules themselves, rules to know and rules to use.

Tools Web site templates and other tools to make moderating PBEM games easier and quicker.

Games Your one-stop shopping center for all kinds of PBEM games. This is the home of the Pick-Up Games (A-Series and Special Events), links to all sanctioned on-line SFB PBEM Rated Ace Tournaments and player registration information.

Ranks Information about the ranking system used by PBEM.

Links Links to sites related to PBEM.

PBEM Coordinator Use this link to send an e-mail to the PBEM Coordinator.

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We hope that this site can handle and support all of your PBEM requirements. Look around, find your spot, and go KILL something!

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