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The Default Damage Allocation Procedure outlines how damage is applied when internals are scored if no damage preference is given by the player prior to the internals being rolled.

(8FC1) PURPOSE: The purpose of the DDAP is to speed the game by having a standard order of damage so that the moderator does not have to break the action in order to find out where the player wishes the damage to be applied. As such, the DDAP will be used unless otherwise specified, and the moderator will not stop damage allocation to request specific damage instructions.

The Damage Allocation Charts are still used. This procedure is only used to determine which box is damaged when there is more than one choice, and that choice can affect the battle.

For example: The Damage Allocation Charts call for Phaser Damage. Rather than stop and ask the player which phaser to damage, the moderator will simply follow the Order of Precedence (below) to determine which phaser gets the hit.

(8FC2) FRAME DAMAGE: Frame damage will only be scored (by this procedure) as the alternate to the last damage point on a given Damage Allocation Chart. It will not be used in place of the last box of a given system (i.e., the last lab will be hit instead of frame damage), and if both the primary and alternate systems are destroyed/unavailable, the damage point will be skipped instead of scoring frame damage.

Note that the player can use (8FC3) to override this rule and take frame damage in place of the last box of certain systems (which would need to be listed) or instead of skipping a damage point.

(8FC3) EXCEPTIONS: The players have the option, at any time PRIOR to the actual damage being scored, to override the DDAP. The exceptions that the player wants to make must be spelled out clearly to the moderator in the most recent SOP. These overrides must follow all other normal rules of damage allocation.

For example, if you’re expecting damage, and want to save your 360º Ph-3 (phaser #5) more than your FA arc Ph-1s (due to an incoming drone from the rear), you can let the moderator know that you want the 360º Ph-3 (#5) to be the LAST phaser damaged. You would give the moderator this information in your SOP. The info would have to be in each and every SOP that you want it to apply, otherwise the DDAP will be used. Remember to delete it from your SOP if/when you want the exception to no longer apply.

Note that this procedure can be used for Frame Damage as well. For example, a player may with to take frame damage instead of the last shuttle box.

(8FC4) DAMAGE ORDER OF PRECEDENCE: Below is the Default Order of Precedence for damage applied from the Damage Allocation Charts. This is listed from first weapon hit to last.

The moderator’s interpretation of what the players DDAP override orders mean is final. If an order is vague or illegal, the moderator will fall back upon the default order of damage without contacting the player prior to internals being scored, so make sure you're specific.

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