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The Federation Commander PBEM Rules were developed in order to help Federation Commander players find opponents when there were no local prospects. The Federation Commander PBEM Rules are administered by ADB, Inc.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to bring them up to the PBEM Coordinator. We are always interested in the opinions of the players because, after all, these are YOUR rules.

These rules are the OFFICIAL ADB, Inc. Federation Commander PBEM Rules. Feel free to link to them, but please do NOT publish, post, or re-upload these rules without the express permission of ADB, Inc. Multiple copies floating around will cause problems with different updates and versions.


(1FC) Introduction
(1FC) Terms
(2FC) PBEM Standard Rules
(2FC1) Standard Games
(2FC2) Tournament Games
(2FC3) Playtest Games
(3FC) Setting Up a Game
(3FC1) Finding an Opponent
(3FC2) Moderators
(4FC) Game Procedure
(4FC1) Game Setup
(4FC2) Turn Sequence
(5FC) Energy Allocation
(5FC1) Energy Allocation Requirements
(5FC2) Format
(5FC3) Energy Used
(5FC4) Example
(5FC5) Multiple Ships
(6FC) Standard Operating Procedure
(6FC1) Length
(6FC2) Record Keeping
(6FC3) Format
(6FC4) Impulse Activities
(6FC5) Break Conditions
(6FC6) Conditional Orders
(6FC7) Reinforcement/Damage Order
(6FC8) Energy Allocation
(6FC9) SOP Example
(6FC10) Blank SOP Form
(7FC) Situation Reports
(7FC1) Subject Line
(7FC2) Current Positions
(7FC3) Body
(7FC4) Remaining Power
(7FC5) Next SOP Info
(7FC6) Example
(7FC7) Blank Form
(8FC) Default Damage Allocation
(8FC1) Purpose
(8FC2) Frame Damage
(8FC3) Exceptions
(8FC3) Damage Order of Precedence
(9FC) Moderating
(9FC1) Prerequisites
(9FC2) Duties/Responsibilities
(9FC3) Running the Game
(9FC4) Small Unit Designations (SUDs)
(9FC5) Record Keeping
(9FC6) Reporting
(10FC) Problem Resolution
(10FC1) Moderating Problems
(11FC) Squadron Rules
(11FC1) When to Use These Rules
(11FC2) Description
(11FC3) SOPs
(11FC4) SOP Deadlines and Gameplay
(11FC5) Break Conditions
(11FC6) Conditional Orders
(11FC7) Standing Orders
(11FC8) Damage Allocation
(12FC) Final Word
(ZFC) Revisions

There are two text versions of these rules:

Plain text (.txt) version

Formatted text (.doc) version

NOTE: The online version you are now viewing is the official version, and any differences between this one and ANY text version you may have will always be resoved in favor of this official version.

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