ADB Inc. respects the privacy of its customers, but also respects the desire of the overwhelming majority of them to contact other players of its games. Information about players is never sold to mailing list or advertising companies. Credit card numbers collected as part of our mail order business are used only for that specific order then deleted from the database; these are never shared with any other entity except the merchant banking system that processes the orders. Social security numbers are never collected or used by ADB Inc.

ADB Inc. collects name, address, Email, and telephone information on individuals by various means including mail orders, Starlist requests, the BBS profiles, and entries into the Federation Commander on-line player database.

Data entered into Starlist is available to other players through the Starlist system for the sole purpose of meeting new opponents and enjoying the mutual use of the company's products, including use by gaming conventions to invite gamers to their events. It is noted that the same data is available from numerous web sites including the US Postal Service and commercial address and telephone search databases.

Starlist information is available only to individuals who complete the required registration form. Any individual can ask to have his entry deleted, changed, or updated, although deletion may (and all but certainly will) have the effect of that individual losing compensation and/or authorship credit for any submissions as well as credit for demonstrations or other events. Starlist data is not provided to individuals who decline or refuse to include the same data as they would receive. Players can update or modify their listing by submitting a Starlist request form.

Certain information about Star Fleet Rangers (who conduct demonstrations of our products) is available on the web site, and available to anyone, since it would be impossible for Rangers to function without being contacted by stores and playing groups. Rangers can resign at any time and ask that their data be deleted.

Mail order information, and tournament registration information, may or may not be entered into the Starlist database as the company has time. Individuals may include a note in their orders or registrations asking that this not be done and such a request will be honored, as will (see above) requests to be deleted.

Individuals may enter some or all of their locator data into the Federation Commander player locator system and have the option in that registration to restrict the information available to other individuals seeking new opponents.
Individuals have the option to include an Email address in their profile on the bulletin board system and procedures to update, change, or delete this information are explained there.

The SFB On-Line and PBEM systems are operated by other entities who have their own policies which ADB Inc. does not control.

This policy was last revised on 26 Dec 2005 and any changes or new revisions will be posted at the same location.


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