Star Fleet Battles Errata: (R2.0)

(R2.F1) No CVS had F-14s, just as (R2.29) says.

(R2.F3A) Confirming: The E3A has a 12-round ADD.

(R2.F5) The F-18 is the standard Federation fighter. Unless otherwise stated in a scenario, it can be assumed that F-18s appearing in Y177 or later are F-18Bs, in Y180 or later are F-18B+s with special rails, and in Y183 or later are F-18Cs. The F-18B, B+, and C have two chaff packs.

(R2.F9) Fed A-20 has only one phaser-3, not two. The four rails are all "special" rails.

(R2.F11) Fed F-111 BAY: Tactical intelligence cannot reveal the contents of the bay. The contents of the bay may well be revealed when this is used (launched, dropped, used to generate EW) as provided in the rules. Phaser and ground attack pods cannot be fired from inside the bay. Drones in the bay are under the overall launch rate for the fighter and do not increase the drone control ability. Drones in the bay do not count for the "standard load" or "reloads" of the fighter; if the bay is loaded you will be drawing drones from future reloads for the wing rails. Weapons: The phaser-G is FX (as the rule says), not FA (as the SSD erroneously says).

(R2.PF3) SSD Fed drone PF. The drone chart on page 12 of the Module K SSD book provides the third drone rack when using a PFD flotilla. The chart is, however, in error as the ThB-D has B-racks.

(R2.PF6) Fed phaser-PF SSD, leader and standard: the rear phaser should be #4 not #6.

(R2.03) CC SSD: Drone rack reloads: (FD3.72) is correct.

(R2.04) CA SSD: Drone rack reload data: (FD3.72) is correct. The two unnumbered phasers (we couldn't number them because of the shading on the refit boxes) should logically be #7 and #8, but the note at the bottom designates these as #11 and #12. This isn't really critical (it would be if two phasers were given the #7 designation), but it does cause players to ask a question that deserves an answer. The cost of the Y175 refit is +0.

(R2.05) CL SSD: Drone rack reload data: (FD3.72) is correct. The cost of the Y175 refit is +0.

(R2.08) Tug SSD: Drone rack reload data: (FD3.72) is correct. SSD needs LS/RS arc definition.

(R2.10) BT and pod SSD: Drone rack reload data: (FD3.72) is correct.

(R2.13) Fed CVA SSD: Shield #4 should have 36 boxes (after the refit), not 40. Shuttle box marked "S" is for SWAC. The F-14s on the SSD are actually F-14Cs, allowing players to modify them into other F-14 variants by simply deleting drones.

(R2.21) MS: The limit of one MSS is an exception to (M8.312).

(R2.22) CVT SSD needs the LS/RS arc definition. The note in the lower left should refer to a carrier pod, not a battle pod.

(R2.24) PV SSD: The EW F-20 should have two dogfight drones.

(R2.29) CVS: Confirming: These ships never operated F-14s.

(R2.32) SCS: #4 shield should be 36 boxes. There ARE tractor beams on the heavy fighter mech links.

(R2.32A) SCSA: #4 shield should be 36 boxes.

(R2.34) BCF SSD: The PPTs should be labeled E and F.

(R2.35) NVL SSD: Note, this ship can control a number of seeking weapons equal to the sensor rating.

(R2.42) FFR: The SSDs of the FFR and FRA are combined. Use the FFR counters. SSD: This ship can control seeking weapons EQUAL to its sensor rating. (The rule is correct.)

(R2.43) FFL: It cannot be confirmed if the FFL received the plus refit.

(R2.45) FFD: The Y2 note refers to the fact that the Feds could have built this ship earlier for the same mission the first DDG performed.

(R2.55) CX: Shields #3, #4, #5 should be 32 not 26; two drone racks. This SSD was replaced in Module X1, with the rule number (R2.201)

(R2.56) NVH: The six heavy fighter mech links are (on this ship only) assumed to include tractor beams and are treated in a manner similar to PF mech links, an exception to (J1.561). This ship has both 200 points of drone storage AND the (R2.R5) storage. The cargo boxes hold the two spare fighters and all of the "free" (and any purchased) pods and boost packs, with the remaining space holding even more type-I drones (which do not count for percentage purposes). SSD NVH: Ship can use (R2.R5). F-111 phaser-G should be FX. Ship can control a number of seeking weapons equal to the sensor rating.

(R2.56A) NPF SSD: Ship can control a number of seeking weapons equal to the sensor rating.

(R2.57) CVL POD: This pod gives the tug double drone control.

(R2.68) DWA: This unit can control a number of seeking weapons equal to double its sensor rating.

(R2.78) BTV: Receives F-18Cs in Y183.

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