Star Fleet Battles Errata: (R3.0)

(R3.F3) Some Klingon SSDs have other fighters.

(R3.PF2) G1K SSD has incorrect reference (R3.PF1).

(R3.R4) D-racks on bases are also not covered by this refit.

(R3.R53) Reference to (G21.56) should be to (D21.56).

(R3.14) BT: Should have a UIM box for optional purchase by the tug itself.

(R3.19) The reference to the G2C being rule number (R3.82) is wrong. The actual rule number of the G2C is not known at this time. (R3.82) was used for the B11.

(R3.22) D6P SSD can control a number of seeking weapons equal to the sensor rating.

(R3.26) E3E counters are provided; use them for the E3A.

(R3.28) C8V SSD: The type-III drones are carried only by Z-YB fighters, not standard Z-Ys.

(R3.40) DX shields #3, #4, #5 should be 32 not 26. This SSD was replaced in module X1, and is listed under (R3.201)

(R3.45) D7N: The G1 can be any standard combat variant.

(R3.51) D5E/AD5 SSD: Phasers #7 and #8 are phaser-3s.

(R3.53) D5G: Delete "single weight" from pod note.

(R3.60) D5P SSD: Note; can control a number of seeking weapons equal to the sensor rating.

(R3.64) F6: Should read: "...if it fires three different disruptors in a period of 16 impulses."

(R3.66) D5H: Should refer to itself as LTT not MTT.

(R3.67) CVA POD: BPV does not include MRS.

(R3.70) C8V: Design includes B, K, and Y175 refits. BPV does not include MRS shuttle.

(R3.72) C7: The original design included the mech-links.

(R3.82) B11: Cannot transfer between bays. Rear bay has four-space balcony.

(R3.88) D7W SSD: The ship has only two drone racks; the extra two tracks are "ghosts" from an earlier playtest version.

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Updated 30 August 1998