Star Fleet Battles Errata: (R8.0)

(R8.0) The Capital Cartel is also known as the Dragon Cartel. In previous editions, Cartels were incorrectly called Clans. The Orion page #119 in Advanced Mission is incorrectly labeled "Tholian".

(R8.F1) The Orions never used heavy fighters.

(R8.R7) This rule has precedence over (D13.24). The rule in (D13.24) refers to non-escorts. This fiasco reflects a design philosophy change made during the final edition. The specific always overrules the general, so the general rule (D13.24) simply means you can't add aegis to any Orion ship like you can add a cloak; aegis can only be used on the escorts specifically authorized in (R8.R7). Note that (S8.31) prohibits escorts except as part of carrier groups.

(R8.02) CR: This ship is nimble. SSD: Cloak cost 10/2. OAKDISC = 5 points. Can make aerodynamic and powered (bonus) landings. Cargo boxes have 25 spaces. Delete probe track.

(R8.26) DN: OAKDISC should cost 25, not 15.

(R8.27) BC SSD: Two reloads for the type-C drone racks.

(R8.29) BRH SSD: Two reloads for the type-C drone racks.

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