Star Fleet Battles Errata: (R9.0)

(R9.PF4) Valkyrie SSDs are included in some flotillas.

(R9.R4) An LTT with a CV pallet would be a "true carrier."

(R9.R4) Caballero should be Trooper.

(R9.R6) These "casual" carriers are not "fully capable."

(R9.17) UH: Escorts have St1 in Y169.

(R9.27) PCV: Escorts have St1 to Y169, St2 thereafter. SSD needs (R9.R2) note.

(R9.31) SR does not have six of the SRV's ready racks. Four of the shuttle boxes hold two HTS in survey mode. SRVs are still survey ships.

(R9.38) LTT: SSD should describe FA arc.

(R9.39) GEN: This is a casual carrier (J4.62).

(R9.40) LC: Had six St1 until Y169.

(R9.46) CVE: This is a true carrier.

(R9.56) OS: At least one was built. Delete CJ note on MSC.

(R9.59) CHC: Number of launch tubes was NOT reduced.

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