Star Fleet Battles Errata: (R13.0) through (R15.0)

(R13.PF1) The prototype PFs did not have the shield refit, but the main production ones (Y183 and later) did.

(R13.R3) This does not apply to plasma-Gs on size-4 hulls because size-4 hulls cannot have plasma-S.

(R13.1E1) DNs and CVAs replace CCs.

(R13.11) CS: The SSD is not combined with the CL.

(R13.22) TUG: Because of the requirement for two pods, when Tugs were used to deploy SAMs or Commercial Platforms they carried two modules or one cargo pod in the other position.

(R13.28) DE: The plasma racks should be 1-4 not A-D.

(R13.35) FFL BPV is 83. Designed by Frank Crull.

(R13.36) DPT: Reference on SSD should be R13.36.

(R13.43) P-TB: Ph-3s should be LS/RS not 360<deg>.

(R13.44) BB: Shields #2 and #5 should be 45.

(R13.46) BCS: Needs PPT checkoff boxes C & D.

(R15.0) Seltorians do not have any of the Tholian web abilities, even when on the Tholian side in the old galaxy.

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