Star Fleet Battles Errata: (S1.1) through (S8.52)

(S1.1) (S*.5) Reference to (S2.0) should be to (S2.20).

(S1.43) Change "captured" to "destroyed" if a ship leaves the map in an unauthorized area or direction.

(S2.14) The GABPV includes the value of Legendary Officers.

(S2.20A) In the case of reinforcements, their Combat BPV is not added until they have actually arrived on the map.

(S2.20C) Since the economic BPV is used, the effect of any pre- scenario damage on BPV is ignored unless the scenario specifically says otherwise.

(S2.21) If a ship surrenders, but self-guiding seeking weapons are still targeted on it, the player receiving the surrender is not penalized for the damage the seeking weapons will do, except that the destruction of the surrendered unit by the weapons will limit his victory points.

(S2.22) If repaired during the scenario, engine doubling damage does not count.

(S2.23) Internal Damage should be Damage. Repaired damage does not count.

(S2.26) Reference to (J3.22) should be to (J3.222).

(S2.27) This includes damage from mines but not terrain.

(S2.42-2) Reference to (S2.0) should be to (S2.2).

(S3.21) Reference to (S2.2) should be to (S2.20).

(S3.211) See (S3.23).

(S3.212) You cannot buy ''extra'' drones unless the ship had some drones to start with.

(S3.213) Standard freighters cannot purchase T-bombs.

(S3.24) If a ship never received a particular refit (as noted in either its R description or on its SSD) it cannot purchase that refit as a Commander's Option unless the opposing player(s) have agreed to allow this as an experiment.

(S3.274) This includes minesweepers.

(S4.1) An MRS is treated like a fighter for arming status rules, but cannot be launched before the scenario begins. If loaded as an SP, an MRS would count as one of the "special" shuttles. Also see (G26.22), web anchor.

(S4.12) Launched fighters can be going faster than the ship.

(S4.13) Launched fighters can be going faster than the ship. Militia can be formed if the objective is to board and capture a specific unit. Fusion beams are NOT multi-turn arming weapons and cannot begin the game "held" at any weapon status. The "launched" fighters may be placed on the balcony instead, but additional fighters cannot be. (S4.14) Note that a ship can only begin a scenario moving in reverse if the scenario says that it was doing so. A player may use braking or mid-turn speed changes to move in reverse if he so desires; the ship was moving at its maximum speed on the previous turn regardless of any energy supposedly diverted to arming weapons or other uses. If the players are creating a scenario, a player must have the permission of his opponent to begin the scenario moving in reverse.

(S4.22) A WYN ship doesn't receive both outside and war modifiers.

(S5.2-9) Wild weasel collateral damage is NOT considered to constitute "attacking" the pirate. Dropping a mine or T-bomb in his hex or in an adjacent hex IS considered to constitute "attacking" the pirate.

(S6.1) Reference (6.1) should be (S6.1).

(S8.19) Drones can be transferred between ships between scenarios during a campaign (and not before the first scenario), but no ship can ever have more than its allowed number of limited or restricted drones.

(S8.21) A Command rating of nine means that you can have that command ship plus nine other ships.

(S8.221) Reference to (D10.8) should be to (G18.82).

(S8.222) This rule is correct; the note on early editions of Annex #4 is incorrect.

(S8.23) Each group of six or fewer casual PFs counts as one "ship" for command rating purposes. Fighters and PFs on bases (or monitors) count that base (or monitor) as their carrier or PFT. PFLs and PFSs can only appear as part of a complete flotilla of six PFs, and only one can be in each flotilla.

(S8.24) Reference to (S8.233) should be to (S8.223).

(S8.31) The Romulans can substitute different escorts of the same size class in their carrier groups. Example, KRV might substitute a SkyHawk-E for a K5D or K4D, but could not substitute an SPM into the group.

(S8.333) For purposes of this rule, the Romulan KillerHawk, SuperHawk, RoyalHawk, and NovaHawk are BCHs. Reference to (S8.32) should be to (S8.331).

(S8.34) Reference to (S8.39) should be to (S8.32).

(S8.35) Andromedans may have only one scout per mothership, including the mothership itself if it is a scout.

(S8.36) NCAs are considered CAs, and CCHs are considered CCs, for this purpose.

(S8.361) NCAs are CAs, not leader versions of CWs. CCHs are CCs, not leader versions of CCs.

(S8.363) Reference to (S8.32) should be to (S8.331).

(S8.52) Separated pods can only be used by forces which begin the scenario defending a fixed point on the map.

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