Star Fleet Battles Errata: (SH0.0) through (SL0.0)

(SH2.45) Tractoring an enemy ship is considered an "attack" for this purpose.

(SH2.61) The combat space patrol fighters would be fully armed.

(SH6.X) Historical outcome: Palisade and Wall were destroyed.

(SH6.2) Spider-1 fighters are in Module J. If you do not have this module, replace all six (and the module) with one PC.

(SH9.X) Historical outcome: The Klingons diverted from their mission; the engagement with the F-14s was inconclusive.

(SH10.X) Historical outcome: After both ships had suffered damage, the impending arrival of additional Kzinti forces encouraged the Klingon ship to disengage.

(SH12.0) While this scenario is historical, it represents dozens of incidents over a considerable period, and all of the possible results happened at least once.

(SH13.432) This scenario is unusual in that both of the units involved, which would seem to have a low priority in receiving the new "fast" drones, historically did have them. The original file was garbled and the reason why this happened is unclear.

(SH13.44) The PFT already had the refit.

(SH14.48) The "fourth" level of damage is "no damage."

(SH15.X) Historical outcome: The Berzerker fought a delaying action while calling for more Klingon forces, and was able to escape with moderate damage.

(SH16.0) Actually, he was negotiating for the Count.

(SH16.2) Kzintis should see (SH16.46) and WYNs (SH16.47).

(SH16.41) Reference to (SH16.5) should be to (SH16.48).

(SH16.46) The 10-point bonus is for each turn.

(SH16.5) See (P7.9) for Zone Crippling rules.

(SH17.2) The Bobcat-Bs are Bobcat-Ps. The WPFT is of course designated PFW in Doomsday. The ECL+ should be an ACL+. F-18Cs have 4xIF and 2xIIIF. F-14E should have 2xVI.

(SH17.432) Should substitute RALADS (not Starfish) for type-VI drones. Starfish drones take special rails.

(SH17.5) The FFV and FFE have no point value.

(SH17.9) Historical Outcome was 21 points. The Konev and Smirnov were destroyed, the Rokosovsky and Moskva were crippled, and the Timoshenko and Zhukov were damaged. The Fire Wind was destroyed, the Fire Warrior was crippled, and the Fire Wielder was damaged. The core of the Klingon fighter and PF training schools was lost and not replaced until the end of the war.

(SH21.X) Historical outcome: The Archeopteryx escaped, but the Ironcrest was destroyed in a delaying action in which the Hornet was destroyed and the Wasp was badly damaged.

(SH21.2) The Gorn CLA is the Ironcrest; the Dragonscale was lost in combat years earlier as per its ship description (R6.38).

(SH22.432) Obviously you can buy fast drones as limited items.

(SH23.2) The Australia is a BCG. Reaver has the K-refit.

(SH25.2) Raider's Roost should be Reaver's Roost.

(SH29.X) Montgommery and Hardy did not survive.

(SH29.2) Nelson is carrying F-15s not F-18s.

(SH32.2) The AxCV is off the map and armed the fighters before the PFTs made their dash to engage. The D5D does not have a K-refit. (SH34.2) Kynda should be Strasbourg.

(SH35.0) The "probe drones" in this scenario are unguided scientific research types used before the Orions invented the guided tactical research types in Y152. The earlier types have no game function.

(SH44.8) ISC: Delete the sentence on shuttles.

(SH45.2) ISC: CS Lion, DD Prime, FF Moon 7, FF Nebula 9.

(SH52.2) The pods were in Modules R2 and R4.

(SH53.9) Historical Outcome: Like so many border skirmishes, there was no outcome beyond some damage to the ships.

(SH54.0) Title should have three periods, not two.

(SH55.41) The first version of this rule is correct, but the disengagement restrictions after the second one are also required. (SH57.0) Graphic should have a third War Eagle.

(SH58.2) Reference to (SL21.45) should be to (SH58.45).

(SH59.X) Historical outcome: Gray rescued the crew of Ares and successfully disengaged.

(SH59.2) The CA is incorrectly listed as a CC or C below.

(SH63.0) This was originally published as (SL42.0).

(SH63.2) Romulan forces are under a heading marked "Klingons."

(SH64.5) Gorns do not score points for uncrippled Romulans which disengage in directions A or B.

(SH66.9) Historical outcome: The Hydran LTT successfully broke contact, losing some fighters but retaining the PFs, some of which were damaged.

(SH68.431) The Orion cannot buy extra crew units.

(SH72.48) A third T-bomb could be on the PFL (15th flotilla).

(SH72.62) The Bobcat flotilla should be type-P.

(SH73.2) The Fed fighters are F-18Cs. Fed ships NCL New Mexico, NSC Calypso, DW Savimbi, DW Slovo, FFG Teddy Roosevelt, FFG Cetshwayo. Klingon ships D7L Duelslayer, D5P Reaver's Roost, F5K Fire Cry, D6VK Tornado, AF5 Fire Wall, E4A Defender.

(SH74.2) Tholian CAW Adarak, DDP Staunch, DD Hermitage.

(SH75.2) Federation CLC Tacitus, DW Buthelezi, DWD Massoud, DWS Limbaugh.

(SH75.421) The CLC is authorized to carry an MRS.

(SH77.2) The reference for the automatic freighter operation should have been rule (SH77.47) not (SH77.46).

(SH78.0) Introduction, paragraph 2, end: "scared" should be "sacred".

(SH79.X) The Insouciant was badly damaged and forced to return to Hydran space for repairs. The Plan sustained light damage and lost its fighters. It received replacements and continued into Lyran space in company with heavier Hydran units. The Vicious sustained light damage, but was able to disengage when it received orders to move to an assembly point to prepare for a counterattack.

(SH79.2) The reinforcement reference should have been after the Hydran setup rather than the Lyran.

(SH79.46) Reference to Hydran frigates should be to destroyers. (SH80.462) The reference to (G23.134) should be to (G22.134).

(SH80.64) The reference to (SL65.47) should be to (SH80.461), the reference to (SL65.471) should be to (SH80.462).

(SH81.X) Originally published in Captain's Log #3 as (SL71.0).

(SH81.2) Konkordium should be heading in direction B, not E. Three references to (SL71.45) should have been to (SH81.45).

(SH81.2) Zhadanov is an FFG.

(SH81.64) The reference to the third fleet should have been to Task Force 3.1. The CVA (in 1517) and a DEA (in 1515) would be stasised by the C9A, and the ECL (in 1519) and second DEA (in 1521) would be stasised by the D7A.

(SH81.8) Klingon: The comment on sending the D7A to stasis the carrier group is invalid as the ship will not be able to use any of its fields for 96 impulses after the point it released them under (G13.66).

(SH83.2) Note that the Z-V fighters are correct. Their presence here reflecting that the Tholian data base had not been fully upgraded at the time of this simulation.

(SH85.64) The comment on the drone racks chain reacting refers to a shuttle hit on the shuttles in the bay which may have been armed as SPs, or an armed MRS.

(SH86.62) The Fed player cannot take an NSC as one of his variants.

(SH89.45) There are no C-racks on a Kzinti CD; instead, two of the B-racks can be loaded with any types of drones which the Kzinti commander is able to buy within the racial and cost limits. The Onager had no additional drones in storage due to shortages in supply.

(SH90.46) AxDN systems are inactive on "1 or 2" not "5 or 6" (R12.16).

(SH91.45) Note that the Inviolable did not have the SFGs installed at the time of this action.

(SH91.8) Klingon: The reference to scoring activates on priority weapons is in error, the Klingon player only has a chance of activating systems that he specifically rolls for under (SH91.45).

(SH92.2) The Romulans should list a fighter squadron on the SUN consisting of 6x G-SF and 6x G-III. The ISC should show 4x FSF and 2x FTF and 6x PF on the BCS, note that the PFs are mentioned in (SH92.423). These units were inadvertently not mentioned in the set-up because the year of the scenario and the R section of these units established that these were all they ever operated with.

(SH94.47) Due to the unique nature of this scenario, weapons fire by a player can only blind the sensor channels that he controls. If a third player is operating the base, the normal rules would apply.

(SH95.X) Historical Outcome: Two of the asteroids were destroyed in the Klingon raid. The F5B Stormer sustained heavy damage, and had to be withdrawn for repairs. The Tholian PC Stalwart was crippled, and the DD Helix was damaged.

(SH96.0) The background reference to the Nimitz as a CVB was part of the Federation deception plan. The ship was never upgraded to the CVB standard (it was not possible), but it was hoped that by designating it such that the Romulans would be made cautious. (SH96.64) reflects an alternative in which this conversion did take place.

(SH101.71) HHD should be HDD.

(SH105.2) Each ship is hit by a single volley of damage.

(SH114.2) One of the two Green Meadow Dawn's in the Seltorian fleet is actually the Green Meadow Twilight.

(SH127.2) This special docking rule is used only in this scenario. (SL110.46) If a reinforcement would put the total Tholian force over the command limit of the current flagship, that reinforcement does not appear.

(SL111.X) Ruthless was destroyed.

(SL124.2) The Gorn BDE is a BDA.

(SL130.X) Historical Outcome: The Kzinti DWA Blue Star and DW Blue Meteor were destroyed.

(SL131.2) The Kzinti CMA Keeness should be listed as an MAC.

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