Star Fleet Battles Errata: (SM0.0)

(SM0.0) When fighting monsters and BPV is to be used for any reason, always use combat BPV unless the scenario instructions say otherwise.

(SM1.441) If the monster enters the same hex as a ship it will stay in that hex until the ship is destroyed or leaves.

(SM2.48) At the end of Turn #20, the monster divides into two entities. All lab points are lost, and new points must be accumulated against each monster separately. One lab cannot accumulate points against two monsters on the same impulse. Each thereafter moves independently, and they will not enter the same hex if there is a legal alternative.

(SM2.8) The reference to putting power into shields should be ignored. The only reason to do so will be to mitigate feedback damage from your own weapons, as the monster's effect ignores shield reinforcement.

(SM3.45) If the unit that attacked the Eel is destroyed as a result of its attack (such as a one space or two space swordfish drone) the monster will not attack that unit.

(SM3.46) The Moray Eel's bite is resolved during the movement segment as a non-plasma seeking weapon (6A3).

(SM4.45) If a manned shuttle is drained of living energy, the shuttle stops moving.

(SM5.2) Navy: Hex 2332 should be 2330.

(SM6.47) References to "ships" in this rule should be to "manned units". Note that shuttles must be manned to function as labs.

(SM7.468) Note that the number of "claw" attacks by a nursing baby space dragon is an exception to (SM7.4654).

(SM8.46) Igneous does not rotate.

(SM8.462) Roll two dice. The TR is a TRH. If Igneous has a mauler, it has a 120 firing arc; this is part of Igneous's extra-galactic nature.

(SM9.0) Was originally (SL5.0) not (SL3.0).

(SM9.462) The drone racks EACH launch one per turn.

(SM9.63) Reference to (SM9.452) should be to (SM9.462).

(SM10.1) Reference to (SM10.45) should be to (SM10.46).

(SM10.461) The monsters disengage when the freighter is destroyed, as provided by (SM10.465).

(SM10.62) Reference to (SL15.0) should be to (SG31.0).

(SM10.8) Delete reference to suicide shuttles, which was correct under the original version of this scenario, but no longer.

(SM11.47) The EL of a suicide shuttle cannot be less than 6.

(SM12.455) Reference to (D9.7) should be to (D9.2).

(SM13.4553) Banshee is mis-spelled in the last line.

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