Star Fleet Battles Errata: (Z10.12) through Dividers

(Z10.12) This should say one sheet of 108 counters.

(Z11.12) This should say one sheet of 108 counters.

Annex #0: The annexes were totally updated in Module R1 and many errors in previous annexes were corrected. This errata book assumes that you have R1 and does not list the errors corrected there.

Annex #2 6A3: Web (G10.59) comes after seeking weapons. 8B: Power returns to batteries (e.g., from transporters) as the first step in this stage.

Annex #3: Explanation of Terms:
TUGS; If a Fed Battle Tug has a pod added to it, the BPV of the pod is added to the BPV of the Battle Tug, not as a combination of "Tug plus Battle Pod plus extra pod". Many minor changes were updated in D1 and MO#1.
R2: PV has 1+4 spare shuttles. LTV has 2+2 spare shuttles.
R3: D5K/L available Y175.
R4: HS BPV 42, H+ 57.
R5: DW, DWE, DWS, DWD command ratings 5; DWL command rating 6.
R6: P-HB BPV is 45/96; P-LBE Reference is R6.41A.
R7: MNP in service Y170.
R8: PFT BPV should be 138/98.
R10 ANA has 8 BPs.
R12: (S8.222) is correct; this annex is wrong.
R13 BB crew 85; BP BPV 38/55. P-TB BPV is 33/50.

Annex #3B: Kzinti Interceptor in service date is Y179.

Annex #4 ISC FEF BPV = 11.

Annex #6 Legendary officers (if used) are purchased as part of the base force, not commander's options. Non-carriers cannot purchase extra deck crews. Andromedans cannot purchase satellite ships as Commander's Options. Any extra drones (a ship cannot buy extra drones unless it is already armed with drones or carrying fighters or an MRS which uses drones) go into reload storage. You cannot put them on a scatter pack unless allowed by the weapon status rules.

Annex #6A: The BPV modifiers for ace/green pilots apply to both combat and economic BPVs (including refits and drone rails), but not to drones.

Annex #7E: Cx drone rack comes just after Gx drone rack.

Annex #7G: Kzinti and Klingon TSCs should have 250 drones.

Annex #8B: Orion disruptors with ranges more than 22 include DERFACS from Y168 (E3.62). Orion ships with range-22 or greater disruptors can acquire UIMs from Y166 for 5 points each.

Annex #9: Shuttle bay (fighter) includes any shuttle box with a ready rack (including those for MRS or SWAC).

Annex #10: Lyran Java Tiger§.

Counters: Ammo sheet: The counters on the Ammunition Countersheet are lettered, rather than numbered. This is to avoid confusion with the "primary sequence" of seeking weapon and shuttle counters in the other products. In the lower right corner of each of these counters is a small white dot. This is used to differentiate between the "Gorn plasma torpedo A" on the sheet you got in Module T from the one you got in Module K from the two sheets you bought as spare parts. The idea is to use colored markers to change this "white spot" to some other color. (The web counters do not have dots because the records require a hex number in any case and this makes one web counter pretty much interchangeable with any other.)

Counters: C1: Two Lyran DW counters are marked #1. C2: Two Andro DOM counters are marked #1.

F: Large Spearfish does 4 points of shield damage.
MP: Captors have 2 hellbores or photons, not 3.
WXZ: Annex #12 is not Patrol Scenarios but Monster Data Table.

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