Star Fleet Battles Errata: (U0.0) through (W0.0)

(U1.1) See (G17.13).

(U1.25) Carriers of a given race can transfer fighters between themselves, allowing one carrier to return for an overhaul while another gains its fighters. Fighters exchanged in this way can only be placed in the fighter boxes of the receiving carrier, or be used to replace fighters pulled from storage on the receiving carrier (i.e., be placed into storage themselves). Note that the receiving carrier may not be equipped with ready racks to operate the received fighters, and this will entail some limits on its operations (J4.896). There is an exception to the racial restriction in that Klingon and Lyran carriers can transfer fighters between themselves as if they were the same race. Carriers can transfer Admin shuttles to replace lost MRS shuttles, or transfer MRS shuttles to another carrier of the same race that is equipped to operate an MRS shuttle.

(U1.32) See (U7.11) in the Captain's edition for production limits on SWACS. See (G27.7) for the limit on Cloaked Decoys. See (G26.1) in Advanced Missions for the limits on Web Anchors. See (J8.5) for limits on MRS shuttles.

(U1.43) Note that a ship involved in the Captain's Game, or the Frigate Captain's Game (or other single ship campaigns that might be published) does not miss a round in the campaign to be overhauled. Other ships (not depicted) picked up the slack while it was overhauled (i.e., somewhere, someone was playing the Admiral's game and pulled your ship out of the line).

(U3.2) Capital Defenses: While the actual Hydran homeworld is a gas giant, and the Tholian homeworld a small Dyson Sphere, both use a standard class M planet as their Capital in this campaign.

(U3.2) Carrier Fleets: Note that in many cases the escort groups for the carriers are not the same as those listed in their respective R sections. The groups presented were selected for balance. Players are free to upgrade their escorts as their campaign progresses. Players should only use the fighters specifically listed for their carriers in an initial playing, but as experience is gained, they may desire to establish turns when more advanced fighters would be phased in. This has to be left to the player's discretion.

(U3.31) Fighters and PFs assigned to planets or bases cannot be used in battles that do not take place at those locations. If using carrier groups, the carrier and its escorts must be sent to one battle area. The group counts for command purposes as the number of assigned ships, even if some of those ships have been destroyed and not replaced. Carrier escorts lost in battle or transferred to another carrier can only be replaced by new carrier escorts or escorts transferred from another carrier group. Regular warships cannot be used as escorts in this campaign.

(U3.331-2) Any base attacked in given round has a single 100-point package of mines as defined by (M6.2) to add to its existing minefield. Bases that are not attacked cannot add any mines. These mines are free. Any mines placed by the attacking player are considered to have been swept or self-destructed in this period.

(U3.421) The base and any units left with it are in supply so long as the base had not been destroyed. It is assumed that the base has enough supplies stored at it to support itself and any ships with it.

(U3.458) Newly constructed carriers and/or PFTs have their full complements of fighters or PFs when constructed; these do not count against the replacements of fighters and PF. The Federation player only receives the one SWAC per round mentioned, but can decide to use it as a replacement or to assign it to a new carrier.

(U4.0) Players may balance carrier groups of different races by comparing the BPVs after all adjustments for fighter cost and drone speeds. This may require adding or changing an escort. After the ships are balanced, each side still buys its allocated Commander's Option Items.

(U4.652) This refers to 50% of the group's strength for purposes of (U1.23) fighter supplies.

(U5.21) Note that the Klingon player establishes a new minefield at the start of each scenario.

(U6.13) The Galactic force on route #3 lost so many ships that, even with new ships it was not at full strength. The player on that route opted not to advance and fight a battle at an Andro base in his weakened condition, although he could have.

(U6.24) Casual PF flotillas do not count as a size-class three unit for purposes of advancement.

(U6.3) Notes on Forces, Item #9: The only Orion ships which may operate as scouts are those published in scout versions (DWS, LRS, etc.). The Orions simply did not operate many scout ships.

(U6.31) Route #1, ISC: There should only be one CS on this route, delete the second entry.

(U6.321) Note that a standard Paladin, SuperHawk, or B10 (or most other battleships) include fighters, but are not considered carriers or SCSs for purposes of this rule, just as a Hydran Ranger is not considered a carrier for this rule.

(U6.324) Casual PF flotillas replace one size class three ship in the battle force. PF flotillas carried by SCS, BCS, or PFT ships do not replace a unit in the battle force.

(U7.112) Reference to (R1.1A) is to unpublished material for an SFGequipped starbase in Module R6.

(U7.113) Orions have their own special rule and ignore this one. (U7.126) Note that to be captured an SFG must have at least one damage point remaining, it might have two.

(U7.26) Andromedans: PA mine, Temporal Elevator. Lyrans: add drones with a star. LDR: add drones with a star. Seltorians: Phasers-1/2/3, Particle Cannons, Shield Cracker/Web Breaker, T-bombs with a star, Wild Weasels with a star, suicide shuttles with a star, fighters with a star, drones with a star. Old Galaxy Tholians: Phasers-1/2/3, Particle Cannons, Web Anchors, Web Casters, Snares.

(U7.28) Limited availability weapons (such as Federation phaser-Gs) are simply not available as 'local weapons' to the Orions, but would count against their limited supply of 'foreign' weapons.

(U7.96) All extra crew units and BPs purchased as commander's options would be treated as transfers of average quality, except that they could not be of better quality than the existing crew.

(U8.1) The monster scenarios (#2, #4, #6, and #8, including SH4) should have a score of 6 points for victory except SH3 which is correct as shown.

(W0.0) The publication of this rules section was delayed pending the release of miniatures. It will be included with the first box of Star Fleet 2300 miniatures to be released in summer 1994.

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