Star Fleet Battles Tournament Schedule
Kzinti CC Lyran CA

Convention Announcements:

We will list any convention which holds at least one event featuring our products on our Bulletin Boards. Email us ( information about your convention including dates, contact information, cost, and events. There is no real "word limit" but don't get carried away.

Conventions which have events for our products may obtain gift certificates for use as prizes for a nominal fee. Email us ( for more information.

Any convention with at least 200 gamers can obtain a box of game products for use as door prizes if you run a full-page ad in the convention program. Handing out a flyer won't do, it has to be in the program. Contact us for information (

Publicizing An SFB Tournament:

If you're running a tournament and want to publicize it, send the following information about it to ADB.

The dates of the convention:
The city the convention will be held in (and if that is a little known suburb of a well-known big city, tell us that as well.)
The US Mail address of the contact person for the convention.
The US Mail address of the person hosting the even featuring our products (if any)..
The pre-registration costs for the convention (if available).
Email counterparts to the addresses above. (if available).

If you have all this information available, mail it to, and it will be posted on our Bulletin Boards.


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